Bush Dynasty

Subject: Re "Jeb Bush for President", reality and doubt

Dear George H. W. Bush (affectionately, '41'),


FOXNews - Sunday, January 04, 2009: The first President Bush said he would like to see his other son, Jeb, become president one day, but if now's not the time he'd be an "outstanding senator."

...During an interview on "FOX News Sunday," the nation's 41st president said Jeb, the former governor of Florida, is "as qualified and as able as anyone I know in the political scene" to be president.

Absolutely, 41, absolutely! But first I hope you can be patient enough to help America address a couple of niggling doubts.

Thanks George, I expect nothing less than that you'll be gracious in response.  

First, there is the question of feasibility: Is it realistic to consider a campaign for Jeb without Bush dynasty guru and information technology master, the late Mike Connell, managing the electrons?

Sure, Karl Rove's still around but he's so direct-mail, while Connell was the man who translated Karl's knowledge into the Information Age.  Are you considering this factor?

Never Again.

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The "Presidency" of George W. Bush is grinding to an excruciating, long-awaited and long-overdue halt; with luck and perserverence, we'll still find a way to get impeachment and accountability back on the table to ensure that none of the blaggards, thieves and liars who voluminously infest the framework around this "Administration" can ever return to government. The Ford, Bush I and even Clinton Administrations pardoned previous incarnations of the same under the misbegotten claim of "moving forward" -- we now face the same individuals, working together in a concentrated concoction of the nefarious and ne'er-do-well, as a result.

But this isn't even about them. It's much more focused.

This is about the first hints that George W. Bush's most important legacy -- the one we may actually thank him for, even if he is allowed to escape the Justice he's so actively thwarted and manipulated. This is about how George W. Bush may have saved the nation, simply by damaging it so badly that he's virtually guaranteed there will never be another Bush Presidency.