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Republicans and Voter Fraud: Projecting?

Hat-tip to JSixis of Delphi Forums for point out the piece by Stephen C. Webster of Rawstory for his piece Court document: Republican election judge bought votes with OxyContin. It's kinda funny that while the GOP and their rabid rabble scream "voter fraud!" and point at Acorn, they're marvelously silent on stories like this one.

Quoting from a quote excerpted in the Raw Story piece from Bill Estep of the Kentucky Herald-Leader:


According to court documents, some worked at polling places, making sure people voted for candidates they were supposed to and then giving them stickers or tickets, which the voters then showed at other locations to get cash from others involved in the conspiracy.

The indictment said Bishop, a Republican election officer in the Manchester precinct in 2002 and 2004, hosted meetings at his house where candidates for office pooled money to use in buying votes.

He also bought votes at the polling place, giving voters a mark or ticket so they could get paid later, the indictment says.

Bishop and [elections official William] Stivers also used OxyContin to buy votes at the direction of [School Superintendent Douglas] Adams in 2002, former Manchester assistant police Chief Todd Roberts told investigators, according to another court document.

Sounds like one heckuva job, and one helluva operation. No wonder they're paranoid.