Obama and the Military: Tinfoil blogging

There is some understandable gnashing and wailing going on about the "team" that Obama has put together.  It certainly doesn't look like the "change" we'd hoped for, "we" being those free thinkers who are looking at results first instead of justifying "belief" by rationalizing uncomfortable and highly inconsistent facts.

We see Geithner and Summers in key positions regarding the economy, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and the Bush family insider, Senator Judd Greg (R-NH) as the new secretary of commerce.  Our health policy almost came under the heavy influence of mega lobbyist and tax evader former Senator Tom Daschle.

I maintain that there's no point in being disappointed in Obama.  That implies that there might be a point in "believing" in or having "faith" in Obama or any other major politician from Eisenhower on.

Secretary of the Arts? Sounds Like a Plan


Quincy Jones, musician, composer, and arranger extraordinaire, has started a petition that has drawn more than 220,000 signatures to date, asking President Obama to consider adding a Secretary of the Arts as a cabinet level post in his administration.

Ratings Rule in Obama's "Virtual" Cabinet - Corporate Media's Sanjay Gupta, MD for Top Doc

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Ratings Rule in Obama's "Virtual" Cabinet

Will Gupta's ratings explode with Surgeon General nod? 

Corporate Media's Sanjay Gupta, MD for Top Doc 

Michael Collins

The appointment of television celebrity, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, MD, as Surgeon General of the United States looks like the boldest step yet in the creation of a "virtual" cabinet by President-elect Barack Obama.

Hillary, Rahm and Other Wild Turkeys

by Jeff Huber

This year I'm thankful Dick Cheney and the Bush administration haven't destroyed the whole world. Yet. I suspect young Mr. Bush has lost his enthusiasm for the project, but I'm concerned that the Dark Lord's little helpers will keep the fuse burning right up to the closing bell. We dodged an October surprise, but plenty can still happen between now and January 20. NORAD and the FAA better keep close tabs on Santa's sleigh come Christmas Eve, that's all I can say. We don't need no stinking 12/24.

I'm thankful John McCain didn't win the presidential election. You hear some of the TV satire guys crying about what great material they'll miss out on without Gramps and Bering Strait Barbie in the White House, but I'm not complaining on that score. Joe Biden as vice president? Come on, he'll be better than having Chico Marx running around the West Wing (Getta you tootsie frootsie money quotes).

And Hillary as Secretary of State?


Dem. 'Keynote' Convention Speaker

Who else would be better to be chosen as the 'Keynote' speaker at the Democratic Convention than one of those this country sent into a failed Foreign Policy Conflict and Occupation.

There are many to choose from, way too many, who have Sacrificed way too much for this country, but now that Senator Obama has made History and will Lead the Convention they need look no further than his own State.