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New Investigation -- Open Call For Information About ""

Crossposted by GreyHawk to DailyKos.

In this increasingly worse economy, with our national infrastructure gutted and two wars raging away, the politics of obstruction and manipulation are continuing full-bore.  Recently, a site went up that appears to be a part of what one investigator (GreyHawk) calls "SWAT politics" -- where Special Weapons And Tactics aren't simply an elite team of police emergency response commandos, but instead a coordinated assault upon political groups, individuals and agendas.

Here's the site:

Basic blurb:

We are looking for skilled web designers, developers, content providers, and others to develop this site.

If you have a passion for pointing out the obvious and you can't believe America was duped into electing Obama please contact us. We are willing to share equity in a newly formed LLC with the right people. This site is going to be a well thought out and well managed source for all information pertaining to Obama and how he is going to systematically destroy this country.

The page is hosted by GoDaddy and ownership hidden by

Anybody with any background information or pertinent data is asked to send an email to and put "" in the subject line.

Thank you.