Michael Collins: Obama Embraces The Money Party

Michael Collins

It's time for Plan B. The White House is about to be sold to the same people who bought it in 2008. The front page of today's New York Times says it all. President Obama is on the hunt for campaign cash and the Wall Street crowd represents his main target. After all, he and his "good friend Tim" (Geithner) delivered in the biggest way possible. Obama must be thinking that it's payback time! Pony up fellas.

This much is clear. There will be no federal prosecutions of Wall Street crooks for the 2008 financial collapse, no day of judgment for massive mortgage fraud before, during and after the housing bubble, and no representation for the people the in the White House, no matter who wins in 2012. Populist rhetoric will guarantee a place on the no-fly list for any who stray from the new party line.

The Times article resorts to irony right out of the gate:

"Mr. Obama, who enraged many financial industry executives a year and a half ago by labeling them “fat cats” and criticizing their bonuses, followed up the meeting with phone calls to those who could not attend." New York Times, June 13

Is the Obama Campaign Going to the Dogs?

Looks like those of us Obama supporters need to mount a rescue operation. PICTURES PLEASE! The Associated Press reports that the AP/Yahoo poll shows that pet lovers support McCain 42-37%. Why? no poochies on Obama's porch. Apparently McCain has dogs, turtles, a cat, a ferret, parakeets and fish.

Obama's response to the netroots--His stance on FISA

I am posting this because for many people Obama's position on FISA has been disquieting. This is his reply, posted on the Obama website.

Today, Barack Obama posted a message to supporters on about the FISA legislation.

I want to take this opportunity to speak directly to those of you who oppose my decision to support the FISA compromise.

Nick Benton's Corner: Silence Protects the Speculators

posted with permission of Nicholas Benton, editor/owner of the Falls Church News Press.

Silence Protects the Speculators

by Nicholas Benton

John McCain has once against thrust the burden for solving the energy crisis on individual families in the U.S. "It has to start at home," he said yesterday, ignoring the overwhelming evidence that it is deep ideological opposition to any regulation of speculative investment by leaders in his party which has led not only to the explosive rise in food, oil and gas prices, but to the housing mortgage crisis, as well.

Comes November--Let's Not Forget Local Elections

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Mike Turner, who hopes to replace Rep, congressman Frank Wolf in my northern VA district. I found him to be more articulate on key issues facing the country than any other candidate in the present election, bar none. A really impressive hombre! He is contending in a primary against another, much weaker but better known local candidate on June 10, so we will see.

Mississippi: The Poll That Counted

While it was dullsville in West Virginia, with media pundits refrying the beans, the real news was happening in Mississippi. Not only did Travis Childers win the congressional race in one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE districts in the United States, but he won it handily 54 to 46. And this is the third such bi-election win in the last three months. This district has not only been solidly Republican, but in 2004 the vote there was 60% to 40% in Bush's favor.

Nick Benton's Corner: Benton comes out swinging for Hillary

AS the one who posts Benton's editorials, the owner/editor of the Falls Church News Press--with his explicit permission--I have begun to wonder! He and I certainly disagree on the Clintons, on the significance of the Obama campaign, and on John Edwards whom he fails to mention. But then again, I think he provides food for thought for those who agree with me (probably the majority of progressive bloggers. So here it is.

Nicholas F. Benton: The 12 Days Since Christmas

Wow. What a year 2008 is going to be. Fasten your seat belts! We've already made history. In the first week of 2008, the stock market fell as a percentage of the total by more than any year since 1932. That's since the depths of the Great Depression. And it took another big hit Tuesday.

At the same time, it's a presidential election year, and we're also on the verge of a preemptive military strike against Iran that could bring oil deliveries to a standstill. We've already had the first military face-off in the critical Straits of Hormuz, through which all oil from the Middle East must come, and the price of oil has already bumped above $100 a barrel a couple times. Armed militants are about to make life really messy in oil-rich Nigeria.