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Open Thread -- On The Importance of Fish Poop Edition

So just for kicks and giggles, have you ever wondered what a self-fulfilling prophecy was or wanted to see a self-perpetuating feedback mechanism in action? Or, even more simply and direct, find out why it's not good to break things before you at least learn more about what they do?

Sometimes, it's smart to learn more about the big picture before taking action on incomplete assumptions.

Attribution: xkcd.1

From the site comes this AP Report that Fish Poop helps balance ocean acidity:

Jan. 15, 2009 -- The ocean's delicate acid balance may be getting help from an unexpected source, fish poop.

The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere not only drives global warming, but also raises the amount of CO2 dissolved in ocean water, tending to make it more acid, potentially a threat to sea life.

Who knew?

There's some excellent information exploring this discovery out there among the vast intertubes network, but one really interesting discussion has been taking place on the science blog The Questionable Authority. In particular, check out the comments where you can run across nuggets ranging from a great link to How to talk to a climate skeptic to an interesting comment regarding anthropogenic vs non-anthropogenic carbon cycles. After reading all of the above, I began to wonder if the "common wisdom" explored here was, in light of the latest scoop on fish poop and the oceanic carbon cycle, now a bit too presumptuous.

Anywho, that's the latest scoop. Below the fold, a selection of semi-related (maybe -- kinda-sorta) past Open Threads.

Which reminds me -- this is an Open Thread, too.