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Sunday Morning Open Thread: Devolving Historical Realities, Giuliani Edition

Maddow destroys Giuliani's attempt to brand the Bush era (error?) as a time when there were no domestic attacts, attempted or otherwise, against our nation. She also capably points out, with video, the startling and alarming trend among a few other Republican pundits who make similar statements, although she primarily focuses upon Giuliani's mistaken attempt at rewriting history.

Historical rewrites and strident attempts to spindoctor reality from hay to gold aren't new in politics. But this type of blatant denial of reality helps to underscore a new aspect to the GOP's faltering grip on reality: it reiterates the intention to deceive that the Republican leadership has taken to heart, much to the detriment of their party and our nation.

The nation and the world changed after 9/11; both underwent serious damage and emergency surgeries to try to bring the social and economic bleeding under control while rebuilding political and ethical foundations that were damaged, largely, by the GOP's effort to use 9/11 as a leverage point for more power.

The world after the Bush debacle was left smoking, smoldering and reeling. It's understandable that the GOP wants to rewrite much of the reality that occurred -- they own it, and the condition they left it to us and to the Obama Administration in. But rewriting history instead of taking ownership of responsibility isn't acceptable, and Rachel Maddow does a fine job of setting the record straight. We need to push others -- bloggers, media outlets and citizen journalists -- to similarly keep current pundits and politicos honest.

It's the only way to keep things from getting out of control again. It's the only way for us to ensure that hysteria doesn't replace reason; fantasy and fiction stop replacing fact; accountability and responsibility are restored to keep leadership aligned with ~our~ values and needs as a nation.

Take a moment to watch the Maddow clip, and spread it around. Use it as an example of how to keep pushing back and keeping the facts fresh and whole, regardless of party. You can discuss other examples of efforts to deceive and rewrite history, and any pushback against those efforts, below in comments.

This is an Open Thread.

Media Matters Demonstrates Political Propaganda Ops Behind Fox "News"

Hat-tip to David Waldman of DailyKos.

Check this out:

To excerpt from David's piece over on dKos, here's the nub of the gist:


In the evening hour opinion shows (which, poisonous though they are, Fox is perfectly entitled to broadcast), you have your Hannity types spouting their wingnut applause lines unchecked, because gosh, it's just "opinion journalism." So it's all fair game when they come right out and claim Obama's a socialist, or communist, or fascist, or whatever the flavor of the day is.

But lo and behold, come next morning, the "news" side anchors pull out the infamous "Fox Question Mark" construction, dutifully delivering their line to the audience: "Is Obama a socialist? That's what some in Washington are saying..." Nevermind that both the "some" who are saying it and the talking heads "reporting" it take their morning memos and their paychecks from the same source.

In a nutshell, if you're using Fox for your political insights or news and information, you're being intentionally misinformed and manipulated. By nuts.

The “grab yer guns and destroy Obama” meme is now an internet game!

The wingnuts have set up an online “overthrow Obama” game. According to the backstory, Obama takes over in a coup (which we call an “election” in the real world), kills Glenn Beck, and puts all the other rightwing pundits in concentration camps – Rush, Sean, Billo etc. A revolution ensues, the military refuses to fight to defend Obama, and Sarah Palin takes command of the revolutionaries. The game encourages the players to “invade” and “conquer” their neighbors (presumably the nasty little brown ones).

So now mass insanity is now a web game like Sudoku or crosswords.

Fun fun fun for the whole family!