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All Koch, All the Time

The money, regulatory, and legal interests of the Koch brothers are responsible for very much of the damage to these United States. The 'Kochtopus' intends to wreak all the more havoc that is possible, so, I've become thrilled to understand that Americans are finally seeing the corporate men behind the curtains. In front of the curtains, their agenda is paraded by the astroturf groups and think tanks of so many fronts that I have to question just how much of a Libertarian Party actually exists absent money from the Kochs. Some, I'm sure, just not how much.

Busting the Kochtopus

There is a great piece out in the August 30, 2010 New Yorker entitled, "Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama," that describes two siblings who've managed, on the whole, to remain invisible to the vast majority of Americans despite their tied-ranking as the 3rd richest people in the United States.

Advancing civil society, a fraud at a time

George Carlin was brilliant in blunt delivery.  Watch "The American Dream" after taking in the animation "Cows with Guns" while you ponder the question of how cows and chickens could get so smart.

Cato solution for getting fresh fruit & veggies to urban residents: Wal-Mart

OK, I'm sometimes slow to get the full upshot. I know many progressives disclaim alot that is heard on NPR these days after the Republican Revolution's successful taming...well, you know. Heck, even NPR station directors say it.

But, this afternoon, after an interesting piece discussing the USDA's local food initiative in which Michelle Obama has been playing a public role, I had the personal "I concede!" moment.

The idea that one should "know your food, know your farmer" was the topic covered with USDA head Tom Vilsack. In it was provided the context of a role for his former constituency of Iowa where it's 'a necessity to support agriculture subsidies' to win elections. Doesn't the gravity of Monsanto also weigh pretty heavily in Iowa politics?

OK, I knew about that sort of thing and, so, was still a little surprised to hear some things I considered to be positive from Obama-appointee Vilsack about the need to boost local production and enable local farmers to be profitable while producing quality edibles. Such as by doubling the value of WIC funds used in purchases by city residents at farmers' markets just a glance away from the White House.

The upshot was that he seemed to be an advocate of the local food program despite not being quite so ready to embrace organic production with both arms nor to make an orphan of the 70% of US agricultural production that comes from 4% of the producers.

Overall, the story delivered better news than I expected.