Census, Redistricting, Immigration and Voter Suppression

Think about the coming redistricting as a result of the recent Census.

Imagine that many states that will gain a lot more Congressional weight through the Census results inevitable redistricting suddenly decided to chase a particular growing population from their state with certain targeted policies in order to achieve the goal of keeping these newly minted Congressional heavy weights in the hands of a political party that would otherwise be losing grip in the future.

And just imagine if they were already doing it to a large degree and with great success.

I guess you do not have to imagine it all, eh?

Open Thread - 10 Questions Edition

I am guessing you were probably thinking when you saw the Open Thread title that I may have had 10 questions for you to ask politicians to anwer or something along those lines. Nope. I am talking about 10 simple questions that you need to answer to help keep this country working for you.

I am talking about the 2010 Census.

And the only bad news is that, no! You can not fill it out the 2010 Census online. Below the fold of this Open Thread are links to some basic information on the 2010 Census that is getting underway.