Sometimes there is not much to say...

Beyond the title and the link:

Ex-Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer indicted on charges of grand theft, money laundering

I mean, the only way it could it get any worse than the title implies is if the Florida GOP party could not figure out what Greer was doing on their own:

Republicans: "Look Y'all–We Got Us One Too!"


Republicans: "Look Y'all–We Got Us One Too!"

I hate to be cynical, and I certainly hate to drag the issue of race back into the public debate while President Obama and literally millions of Americans of good will are working so hard to put this ugly issue behind us, but where I come from we believe in calling a hat a hat. And the fact is, the Republican Party's selection of Michael Steele as the very first Black chairman of the Republican National Committee in its 153 year history, just reeks of political manipulation.

But I'm virtually certain that my Republican friends are going to say, "We just can't win–first you criticize us for not being inclusive enough, now you're criticize us for electing a Black man as head of the party. Exactly what do we have to do to make you happy?"