Charles Taylor

Hmm, American Citizen, 147yrs., Torture, Human Rights Abuses Committed Oversea's, Hmmmm!

Looks like we have the conclusion, coming sometime today, of a bush administration justice? department trial for 'Torture' and 'Human Rights Violations' committed by an American Citizen, Overseas, as laid out in Our Laws, under Our Constitution!

Son of Liberian despot to be sentenced in US after torture trial

American citizen "Chucky Taylor" facing 147years on Human Rights Violations Committed Abroad, today, 1-09-09!!

War Crimes: A Taste of Inhumanity -- Cannibalism on the Battlefield

Out of the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor at The Hague in Amsterdam, this bloody gem:


Grim tales of cannibalism highlighting the brutality of West Africa's civil wars emerged in testimony Thursday at the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor.

Joseph "Zigzag" Marzah [...snip...] said African peacekeepers and even United Nations personnel were killed and eaten on the battlefield by Taylor's militiamen.


Prodded under cross-examination by defense lawyer Courtenay Griffith, Marzah gave a sometimes-graphic description of cannibalism that altered between the ritual taking of vengeance and the practical need for food.


"Did Charles Taylor order you to eat people?" Griffith asked.

"Yes, to set an example for the people to be afraid," Marzah replied.


Enemies, he was told, "are no longer human beings."

Join the United Nations, see the world, get eaten on the battlefield.

The dehumanization of enemies results in atrocity -- every time. That, perchance, should serve as additional consideration when other such redefinitions of words and terms are tossed about to justify inhuman and inhumane behaviors.

...a few specific terms that pop to mind are "enemy combatants" -- a term used to justify denying Geneva Convention-defined rights to prisoners of war -- and "enhanced interrogation techniques" -- a term used to soften the perception of coercive forms of "interrogation" that have been, and still are, prosecutable as torture.

Like waterboarding, for example.1