Open Thread - Don't Pay the Ferryman

originally posted: 2008-04-30 05:21:16 - bumped, cho

There's an old song which every once in a while pops into my head...and once again after reading this article (a good read) popped..

Citizenship Checks on Wash. Ferries Stir Controversy

Morning Edition, April 30, 2008 · The U.S. Border Patrol has started regularly checking the citizenship of passengers on certain ferries inside Washington state. Such nationality checks are common in the Southwest, but along the Canadian border, they're still relatively new — and to many people, the checkpoints have come as a shock.

A ferry from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island to Anacortes, a town on the coast, follows a domestic route — it never leaves U.S. waters. Yet, when it arrives in Anacortes, there's a chance that passengers will be greeted by the Border Patrol.