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Stacking The Deck Again (Still): The GOP's War On Voting Rights

In a piece posted to ThinkProgress by Kevin Donohoe titled REPORT: In 22 Statehouses Across the Country, Conservatives Move to Disenfranchise Voters, a disturbingly familiar bit of news:

In statehouses across the country, Republican lawmakers are raising the specter of “voter fraud” to push through legislation that would dramatically restrict the voting rights of college students, rural voters, senior citizens, the disabled and the homeless. As part of their larger effort to silence Main Street, conservatives are pushing through new photo identification laws that would exclude millions from voting, depress Hispanic voter turnout by as much as 10 percent, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Excerpt from Kevin Donohoe's ThinkProgress pieceToday's GOP, coupled with the extreme insanity of their Tea Party brethren, has steadfastly pursued an accelerated agenda since they were able to reclaim some of their lost power through the last the election cycle. The previous decade of corruption and abuse, diminished civil rights and undermined social safety nets set the stage. Now, apparently panicking at the thought that they nearly saw all of their dismantling of the New Deal un-done with the transfer of power in the 2008 election cycle, they're scrambling to disable what elements they can and rig anThe ything else that could enhance their chances of keeping their claws on the levers of American power.

From Rosa Parks to Shelia Smoot: 90 yrs after the Civil War to today in Alabama (AL-07)

I was surprised to learn that an African American woman has NEVER been elected to a full term to represent the state of Alabama in the House of Representatives.

My goal today is to help change that.

When last I wrote about one of my heroes, Rosa Parks, it was to illustrate how the right would roll back the Civil Rights act to allow discrimination in the name of economic freedom.

145 years after the Civil War, much has changed, but more should change, until we truly achieve the Change We Can Believe In!.

In 2010, it is finally time to elect an African American woman to a full term in Congress to serve the State of Alabama in the House of Representatives!

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Take a good hard look at the new face of NOM

The newest member of the anti-marriage equality group NOM, Orson Scott Card, is just a plain old lunatic that clearly proves, in his own words, that this is all about treating homosexuals as less than equal.

The hypocrites of homosexuality are, of course, already preparing to answer these statements by accusing me of homophobia, gay-bashing, bigotry, intolerance; but nothing that I have said here -- and nothing that has been said by any of the prophets or any of the Church leaders who have dealt with this issue -- can be construed as advocating, encouraging, or even allowing harsh personal treatment of individuals who are unable to resist the temptation to have sexual relations with persons of the same sex.

Not Card - He isn't homophobic... And he isn't advocating harsh treatment of them. Is he?

After blabbering on about how homosexuals must admit that they are sinning according to the rules of Card's personal lifestyle choice, his own personal religious views that he is trying to force on everyone else, he later goes on to discuss appropriate punishment for homosexuals:

This applies also to the polity, the citizens at large. Laws against homosexual behavior should remain on the books, not to be indiscriminately enforced against anyone who happens to be caught violating them, but to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society's regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.

And he has the gall to title the piece "The Hypocrites of Homosexuality"...

You see, this has and always been about equality. The loonies at FIC, NOM and other anti-marriage equality groups are truly radical wingnuts that advocate Christianist hate and for treating others as second class citizens.

The latest face they have added to their stable of hate at NOM proves that it is all about equality.

But these days they know that they have to hide that fact because their real views are about as radical and un-American as it gets.

Chele, over at MLN, shows that Orson Scott Card has some serious problems with the US government. It is safe to say that his words do advocate for overthrowing the government and tossing The Constitution into the garbage:

Chickens Come Home to Roost: Bradley J. Schlozman

by: avahome, standingup and roxy

Over the past couple of years ePluribus Media researchers and writers have published many stories about the DOJ, including several biographical pieces on the main villans. Watchers of the DOJ drama have been anticipating a report on the hiring practices of the Bush/Gonzales Justice Department. The long-awaited report has finally been released.

As you will remember, Mr. Schlozman was the "appointment" to replace Todd Graves as US Attiorney in W. Missouri. This appointment was the ultimate "reward" for his shenanigans that played a major role in politicization of the Department of Justice.  While at the DOJ, he actively promoted the Republican's unusual brand of "voter rights" for which he received promotions to positions of greater authority.


The Genocide of America.


Is the United States of America the world's largest dealer of illegal drugs?  What about the world's largest gun runner?  For years our government has used the CIA, NSA & other super-secret 'intelligence' agencies to cultivate drug harvest and distribution in SE Asia and Afghanistan.  We offer 'aid' and 'trade' to countries in the forms of weapons and ammunition.  The drugs come home to the US to poison and kill our own population.  The weapons we sell are used either against us directly by people to kill others, who then seek to kill Americans.  Did the founding fathers envision a country that would become the world's largest debtor and blood merchant?

Nick Benton's Corner: The Harvey Milk I knew

<posted with permission by Nicholas Benton owner/editor of The Falls Church News Press.>

The Harvey Milk I Knew

by Nicholas Benton

On the 30th anniversary of his assassination, a true American civil rights hero has finally been introduced to a wide national audience with the release of the outstanding, Oscar-worthy film, "Milk," in theatres this week.

The film is a gripping docudrama about the intense, six-year political rise of the passionate and charismatic homosexual-rights advocate Harvey Milk in San Francisco, until his life was taken in a dual assassination of he and the city's mayor at City Hall on November 27, 1978. By getting elected to the city's Board of Supervisors the year before, Milk became the first-ever openly gay person ever elected to public office in the U.S.

I knew Harvey Milk personally, especially in the 1972 and 1973 earliest years of his community organizing, and was on the same citywide ballot with him when he lost an earlier campaign for San Francisco supervisor in 1975. It was in that race that Mayor George Moscone was elected mayor, beating out, among others, current U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who came in third.

My thoughts on Transgender Remembrance Day

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I was traveling this weekend and did not have the time to do any posting. I saw a couple of good posts on the subject of Transgender Rememberance Day. I have to be honest and admit that I did not even know this occasion existed. I am sad that it is necessary, but I am happy to support it.

Will These Citizens Have Marriage Equality?

Originally posted Fri, 10/10/2008 - 09:06, see the update with welcome and good news on a day where we could use a positive to offset the negative - standingup

We will find out today, according to Undercurrents:

Same Sex Marriage Decision Today!

Today at 11:30 the CT Supreme Court will
release their decision on same-sex marriage.

Or will they be relegated to the status of second class human beings and citizens deprived of their rights to pursue their life, their liberty and their happiness?

Update [2008-10-10 11:47:4 by Connecticut Man1]: According to mattw at MLN, there is a party in Hartford tonight celebrating Equal Rights:

Jailed Wisconsin Vet Loses Appeal, VA Claim Still Pending

via mal contends - In a unanimous opinion (07-1546) a three-member panel for the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has affirmed the controversial conviction on fraud of Wisconsin Navy veteran, Keith Roberts.

The Roberts family is planning on filing a motion for an en banc hearing, a hearing before the full appellate court.

U.S. Atty Stephen Biskupic's office had convinced a jury that Roberts and a deceased Navy airman (Gary Holland) did not have a friendship, and Roberts who was on line duty at a Naval base in Naples, Italy on February 5, 1969 at the time that Holland was crushed to death by a C-54 aircraft, exaggerated his efforts to save Holland, which constituted fraud for which he was convicted in November 2006 by a jury in northern Wisconsin.

Weak grounds for a federal prosecution? These are the grounds that the government successfully pursued against this honorably discharged Navy veteran who served during a combat era.

Contested FEC Nominee - Spakovsky Drops Out!

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Just a quick post for those who have been following Spakovsky.

Contested Nominee To FEC Drops Out

A controversial Bush administration nominee to the Federal Election Commission withdrew from consideration yesterday, providing a likely breakthrough to an impasse that has sidelined the political watchdog agency at the height of the primary season.

Hans von Spakovsky, a former Justice Department lawyer whose nomination became entangled in allegations that political considerations influenced decisions by the agency's Civil Rights Division, sent President Bush a letter withdrawing his name.

Senate Democrats had refused for a year to confirm von Spakovsky, torpedoing the nominations of three other nominees and denying the FEC a quorum. Since Jan. 1, only two of the agency's six commissioner slots have been filled. Bush, supported by GOP Senate leaders, had refused to withdraw von Spakovsky's name.

Please give a look at previous posting Chickens Come Home to Roost for Hans

Weakening US Criminal Case, VA Turns Down Jailed Wisc Vet’s PTSD Claim

Bill Moyers Hosts Rev. Jeremiah Wright

When the infamous Rev. Wright sound bites began to dominate world news, I like many Americans really cringed. It was not only that his remarks were jarring--"Could he really believe that killing two thousand innocent Americans was just retribution for......... for anything?" I asked myself. And so on, and on and on and on as the news media relentlessly repeated the same story line.