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Blogging TSA; Counterfeit Dead Presidents

Chris Soghoian/CNET: Report: TSA site put travelers at risk...and a bit of poetic justice
Wherein the intrepid writer finds security holes @ TSA in February '07, story gets picked up by Wired, eventually spurring COOGR to investigate and release a "scathing report". (So much stupidity, arrogance, and greed, so little time to investigate and prosecute).
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Kevin G. Hall/McClatchy: U.S. counterfeiting charges against N. Korea based on shaky evidence:
. . after calling together more than 60 experts, the Secret Service — the lead U.S. agency in combating counterfeiting — never provided any details of the evidence it said it had, instead citing "intelligence" and asking those assembled to accept the administration's claims on faith alone. .. "I can't remember if I was laughing or asleep," said one person who was in the room . .

You can break a whole bunch of things without too much penalty. Faith isn't one of them.
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[Image: Tim Johnson/MCT]