Cold War

The Sky in Tom Friedman's Flat World

Tom Friedman of the New York Times thinks we’re in a cold war with Iran. He’s correct that we’re in a cold war, but he’s two Friedman units and change late coming to that conclusion, and he’s got the enemy country wrong. We’re no more in a cold war with Iran than we were in a cold war for 50 years with Belarus.

There are, nonetheless, a few similarities between that cold war and this one.

The Buzz

Kevin Hall/McC: U.S. confirms Russian jet flew low over Nimitz task force
In Saturday's incident, the Tupolev fighter bomber flew below 3,000 feet and was intercepted by U.S. fighter jets and escorted away. The jet managed to fly over the U.S. carrier fleet and the Nimitz, Cartwright confirmed.

Buzzing a battle group is strange behavior indeed, given the totally awesome power of the U.S. Navy. Unless of course the Navy is underfunded, overtasked, wearing out, and spread thin. Or as the Republicans like to call it: "strong on defense".