Witness to a Child Bride - "What Would You Do?"

I found this video to be a bit disturbing. Not for the simple idea of polygamy, as I really could care less what consenting adults decide to do in their private lives, but for the fact that so many people (about 95% of them, give or take) did absolutely nothing as they witnessed what they thought was a 15 year old child being forced into marriage:

Forced Into Polygamy in Public
What Would You Do If You Thought You Saw a Child Bride?

Colorado City, Ariz., home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, seems like a town stuck in the 19th century. Women wear old-fashioned clothing and sport elaborately braided hairstyles, and the practice of polygamy -- having more than one spouse at one time -- is not uncommon.

The FLDS, which has been renounced by the Mormon Church for its practice of polygamy, has been accused of arranging marriages between underage girls and much older men who already have multiple wives. Young women have spoken out about allegedly being forced into marriage when they were as young as 14, and wishing they'd had help escaping their fates.

So how would people react if they thought they were seeing a young girl being forced into a polygamous marriage against her will?

Some thoughts below.

A Child Floating Away in a Balloon?

The balloon reported to be floating across Colorado with a 6 year old child trapped in it has finally landed:

The bizarre scene played out live on television and prompted fears that the mushroom-shaped balloon would crash. The balloon rotated slowly in the wind, tipping precariously at times.

The boy's family had been building an experimental aircraft that had a large helium balloon attached to it at their home, KUSA-TV reported. The aircraft, which resembled a flying saucer, was approximately 20 feet by 5 feet and had a foil top.

The balloon is down now and they are saying there was no kid in in it when it landed.

Remind never to build a big balloon like that in my backyard. I hope the kid never actually got on the balloon.

Updated: Open Thread - Bank Ratings

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Update: Just saw this on 60 minutes.. 60 Minutes: How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis (An eye opening investigation - buzz word is "swap.")

...this market is almost entirely unregulated.

The result is a huge shadow market that may control our financial destiny, and yet the details of these private insurance contracts are hidden from the public, from stockholders and federal regulators. No one knows what they cover, who owns them, and whether or not they have the money to pay them off.

One of the few sources of information is the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), a trade organization made up the largest financial institutions in the world. Many of them are the very same companies that created the vast shadow market, lobbied to keep it unregulated, and are now drowning because of unanticipated risks.

It's like what Luaptifer worries about: We have the people who created the mess in control of the mess.

The hits just keep on acoming!.

The CBS 60 minute piece is a lot like the NPR American Life transcript of the Ira Glass program The Giant Pool of Money that JeninRI pointed out a while ago... It is fabulous... audio link here.

In that piece, they talk about some of the people who did these deals... like the guy who was a bartender until he became a mortgage backed securities guy, or the guy just out of college, doing the same thing as Mike and making $100,000 a month.

Open Thread - Buffalo Cont'd

Since today is Earth Day...I thought I'd let you know how this story is evolving. I've been following the slaughter of 32 buffalo in Colorado by 14 supposed hunters. As the story unfolded we learned that buffalo roam. And with the heavy snow that had fallen in Yellowstone Park this Winter and feuding landowners...the buffalo were just looking for chow.
Not a pretty picture if you click on the link and read the whole article.
Rancher sues in bison slaughter

Candidate Jason Bane - how local politics shape energy policy

This year, we have an opportunity to make a big impact on Jefferson county, for the state of Colorado, and potentially for the way this nation uses energy. Jason Bane is challenging Kevin McCaskey for County Commissioner, and after you hear some of the scandalous activity this board of commissioners has engaged in, I believe you will agree with Jason, that it is time to end the culture of corruption in Jefferson County.
More importantly, with NREL and the School of the Mines, it is also time to make Jefferson county
'The epicenter of Renewable Energy' to quote Jason.

Open Thread - Buffalo

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Today I have just read two articles concerning the handling of buffalo out West. Well, I'm in Texas so that is a pretty far away place for me. Let me put these two articles up for you and you be the judge...

Charges weighed in Park County bison slaughter

Charges of aggravated cruelty to animals are being considered in the killing of 32 bison near Hartsel.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener said that his office has determined that the bison were owned by ranchers Monte and Tracy Downare and had wandered off their property.

Last week, a group of hunters who believed they had permission, began shooting and killing the animals.

The hunters that I know would never do something like this.
Perhaps they just did not think they would be caught. Now I sure hope they are prosecuted.

A great Dem for Congress, Betsy Markey, CO C0-04 w/video

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We have a lot of great opportunities to expand the democratic majority in the house this fall, and a lot of great candidates.

One such candidate is a remarkable woman, Betsy Markey, running for Colorado's CD-4, a seat currently held by Marilyn Musgrave. Representative Musgrave thought D.O.M.A (Defense of Marriage Act) did not go far enough, and introduced an amendment that would outlaw benefits to anyone not married, thus effectively ending an individual state's right to grant civil unions.

But besides Musgrave's morality legislation concerns, Bets Markey is a terrific candidate for this seat, because as someone who has worked both in the private sector and with the State department, she can attack (and does so effectively) Musgrave from a business and fiscal conservative platform as well as from a standpoint of someone who has superior foreign policy experience.

Read more on her ideas and her interview via youtube video...

Rocky Mountain Hijinks: Colorado Republicans Tap Database for Political Purposes

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We have been hearing from the Bush Administration about the need to create federal databases, and to intercept electronic communications without the use of warrants. First we were told that spying would help to keep us safe from terrorists. Now we have learned, via the New York Times, that prior to 9-11, Bush spied on Americans' communications with Latin America to prosecute its "War on Drugs." We are informed in the same article that Bush sought to build his capacity to gather information about entire neighborhoods without warrants.

The story below the break describes the local misuse, by Republican politicians, of a criminal database to further a political campaign. Coincidentally enough, the case involves communications with Latin America in the War on Drugs.