Crossposted w/Permission: Respected Journalist Fired For Opposing Bill O'Reilly

NOTE: Reposted with permission. This piece was originally posted on DailyKos by dorothyinchina, who was unable to crosspost it here. We received her permission to crosspost it on her behalf.

Respected journalist fired for opposing Bill O'Reilly
by dorothyinchina

Tue May 27, 2008 at 09:20:06 AM EDT

Over and over agin on DK, people ask the question, "Why doesn't the MSM stand up to the people who lie, who distort the truth, who bring their own twisted agendas to the news?"

Here is the answer, plain and simple: they're afraid. They have families and kids to put through college, mortgages and car payments. They simply can't afford to tell the truth.

If anyone doubts how risky it is to take a stand, here is a case in point: Boston's Barry Nolan.