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Citizens United landmark: "We the corporations" - Time for Regime-Change, Move to Amend dot org

The coup d'etat is complete and the ghost of GWB43 reaches from the grave with insurance for the future, that corporate rule has been secured. 

It's as I have figured, that we will only finally move to "Get the money out of our power" when the pool of natural-born citizens' blood is deep enough that we can no longer ignore it. 

A coup d'etat basically makes the blood-pool part of the infrastructure.  It's time for regime-change, to overthrow the ghost that is hidden in the machine.

Move to amend.

The Freedom of No Choice

[This piece began its life in response to CTMan's Independents, Fastest Growing Block of Voters, Reflect... Me?.]

Back in the dark ages, when I was young and a voter for the first time, I was a registered Independent.  That was partly due to the fact that I'd not enough insight or experience to know my own leanings much less to have tested them against party platforms.

What I call myself now is a lower-case "P" progressive and, like anyone stuck in the bipolar power struggle that disallows new entrants, I consistently aim to choose lesser evil. 

On rare occasion, I've considered "R" but that's become an impossible choice in the last ten years, or so.  Now, there's no choice in light of documents establishing that Republicans have been the proxies of a racketeering operation.

Max Baucus is a capital "D" example of why I can't be a knee-jerk Dem, though there are several I respect on that side of the aisle.

As I've considered the disappointment delivered by the full-house Democratic majority, I've come to a few tentative conclusions as to what's going wrong.