Open Thread: Conflict Minerals and the "Ore on Terror"

Steven D at the BooMan Tribune pointed out this interesting video on a campaign to raise awareness concerning the grave situation in the Congo:

Profiting from the worst war on the planet that no one in America knows anything about by purchasing "conflicts minerals" from the Congo for their products:

Also from Steven D, and after some nudging from readers, later added a diary covering what you can do about it.

One of the things I have always loved about Blogging is the fact that not only can we start to look at things that are wrong, pick apart stories, facts and ideas... But we can work together on solutions for them when we see these problems for what they are.

Below the Open Thread fold is the same story unfolding with a different name to the region affected, IMHO, as Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew give us the "Ore on Terror":

Cockfighting, Congo-Style

Earlier this week, news reports out of the Congo carried stories that should make any enterprising marketers of male enhancement products sit up and take notice:


Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital
By Joe Bavier

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.

While Kinshasa's police chief Jean-Dieudonne Oleko was tempted to say that it was all just one big joke, others claimed that it was all to real:


Just yesterday here, there was a man who was a victim. We saw. What was left was tiny," said 29-year-old Alain Kalala

I imagine that the market for Extenz or Viagra would make a killing over there, especially if sold with the cooperation of local tribal leaders or "public service" sorcerers, if there is any such thing...