Florida - Outsourcing Election Night to Microsoft

Every two years we get to raise the question, once again: 

"Where were the Florida election results counted tonight?"

Because, for much of the last decade, the State of Florida has had a non-State entity hosting the election night results that Floridians trust are the accurate representation of their cumulative vote.  

This scenario is the Florida replay of what we first identified had occurred in 2004 when Ohio's votes made a roundtrip through SMARTechcorp computers, in Tennessee, and George W. Bush beat John Kerry in the general election.

We've only been able to capture records of the IP address for the State of Florida's election night host computers since 2005.  Two years ago (maybe four) election results were hosted on computers managed by a company based in the state of Georgia. 

If I was Newt Gingrich, I would be happy about that location, if it was repeated tonight.

GOP Primary

Perhaps.   Or maybe not. 

Can Obama Win and Lose Ohio at the Same Time? -- Discussion

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Columbus Ohio John Spinelli reports from COLUMBUS, OHIO Can Obama Win and Lose Ohio at the Same Time?: Believing Republican cyber-operatives could heist the 2008 election in replay of 2004, Ohio attorneys filed affidavits from two experts in the fields of data security and academic voting research. They hope to convince the court to lift a stay on their case and subpoena Karl Rove and Mike Connell, a long-time IT handyman. 

Read Can Obama Win and Lose Ohio at the Same Time? ! We've got 46 days.

Connell, Rove, and the GOP Boys, Positioned for McCain? - Discussion

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In his Journal article, Luaptifer asks and answers the question: “Why is it important to rehash what Connell did in 2000 Florida and 2004 Ohio? Those very same key elements of potential vote theft election are firmly in place within the McCain campaign for 2008.”

Also check out the related commentary on community: Who Is Tidewater's Roy Cales -- and what does he have to do with Connell, Rove and Ohio?

And just now, John Spinelli's Bush Wackers now wacking for McCain

Que RICO? - Rove's Contempt of Congress and Connell's Indicted Elite

Sometimes things just move too quickly.

Mike Connell is the IT guru who plots Internet strategy for the RNC.

Within the last week credible evidence surfaced about blackmail threats against him and his family.

The threats surfaced just days after Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck announced plans to undertake discovery in the Ohio civil RICO claims against Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce for activities related to election fraud since 2000. The possible blackmail kicked into gear Atty Arnebeck's efforts seeking legal immunity for the Connell family.

Why is Mike Connell so important that Arnebeck should seek immunity? Connell tops Arnebeck's list of people likely to know about Karl Rove's suspicious election activities and how much, if any, of the involvement crossed the line. Arnebeck suspects that the blackmail threats are intended to keep Connell quiet.

Ohio Election - Karl Rove RICO Claim, related links

The public interest in Ohio News Bureau, John Spinelli's Ohio Attorneys to Assert RICO Claim Against Karl Rove for Orchestrating Theft of 2004 Election prompted us to compile links of work from the ePluribus Media community and friends that have helped to reawaken the 2004 Ohio Election legal story.

We hope you'll find these useful for context.

Our Day in Court: Research into Ohio's 2004 Election Misdeed Finally Bearing Fruit

A press conference held yesterday began zeroing in on the dirty trickster, Michael Connell, known to many ePluribus Media readers from the work that Luaptifer, Todd Johnston and many others did last year about the "line" that jumped the firewall. You may remember that Luaptifer uncovered evidence of crossing the line between simple "campaigning" and illegal activities.

The evidence? A graphic of a divider line named OhioGOP_index_nline.jpg that lived on websites inside the Federal Government's internet firewall -- as one example, on the In his commentary, Luaptifer wrote:

... we've spent many months investigating the 'virtual real estate' and why the neighbors seem to look so much like each other. The researchers were tipped off, as it were, by a line, or to be more exact, an image of a line: ohgop_index_nline.gif.
As one can pretty much guess from the name, it's an index divider graphic used for the Ohio GOP. That image is one that NewMedia Communications used on a website built for the Ohio GOP. (The CEO of New Media Communications is one Mike Connell; remember that name if you don't already know it.)

This week's news is that now there's legal action afoot to get a hold of documents that may help prevent the alleged practices of vote theft taking place again in the 2008 elections. Spinelli on the Journal and others, including Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane over at Raw Story have reported on the press conference, so I don't need to do that here, but at least some highlights: