Revive the Civilian Conservation Corps

Faced with millions of Americans out of work, including an army of roughly 154,000 homeless military veterans seeking shelter every night, President Obama and Congress should quickly revive one of the most successful government actions during the Great Depression. That action was creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps, which the Roosevelt administration convinced Congress to support within weeks of FDR taking office in 1933. Over the next several years, the CCC hired more than three million young men to plant three billion trees in over-logged forests, repair 40 million acres of soil-eroded farmlands and create 800 state parks, according to the US Forest Service web site.    

Smarter Parts: Improving Efficient Energy Use and Demand?

Could creating "smarter" homes with devices and sensors that can monitor electrical demand and heating requirements -- including the going market price for electricity -- help automate efforts to use energy more efficiently and lower the impact of peak demand on the nation's power grid?


Ohio’s Voinovich Rejects Renewable Energy Mandates, Gore Gore’s Bush on Global Warming

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: Supporters of a comprehensive federal energy bill, known as H.R.6 took Ohio’s senior senator, George V. Voinovich, to task for his vote Thursday that helped defeat the current version that included, among other purposes, increases the production of clean renewable fuels.