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Resist the encroaching wave of hatred and violence.


It's up to us, folks. All of us.

The @GOP’s increased, incessant drumbeat & incitement of racism, hatred, bigotry, misogyny has solidified into the platform of the party in power. The negative impact to the State of the Nation has been immediate, and to the shame of all US citizens. The Trump GOP is doing its literal damndest to drag this nation back into their personal, paranoid, xenophobic hell...it's now time for all remaining citizens, for all mature and civilized adults, to not only hope but to strive to undo the damage before it sets.

#Impeact #Indict #Remove #Investigate #Expose #Resist

New Years Resolution For 08: IMPEACH!

Rose Parade 08 in Pasadena

had a dose of reality this year with the help of the White Rose Coalition and LANIC (Los Angeles National Impeachment Center) protesting to call for the impeachment of Cheney and Bush.

Video by Voice of Americans 2008

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