The Irony of Seattle's Group Health Coop as Conservative Compromise

Cross-posted DKos, Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 11:59:33 AM PDT

Like most single payer activists, I would LOVE for Seattle's Group Health Cooperative to become the model for the United States health care. And like anybody who actually knows what they are talking about, fell out of my chair laughing when it was proposed as the conservative's disingenuous compromise.

Conservative Catharsis: Blame Deregulation and Privatization

George W Bush broke the world. It was pretty fucked up to begin with, after years of laissez-faire economics practiced by all American presidents since FDR, but much more so since Reagan. The conservative philosophy was corrupted by deregulators who's belief in the free market completely left out the fact that most people are greedy bastards who will steal everything that's not tied down.