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WatchDog Groups Launch Protect Our Elections To Pass Pending Election Legislation For 2010 Mid-Terms

WatchDog Groups Launch New Campaign Urging Congress To Pass Pending Election Legislation That Will Protect Millions Of Voters And Bring Fairness And Transparency To The Upcoming Elections

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Washington, DC -- Protect Our Elections,, is a new campaign to help push Congress for passage of pending national legislation meant to protect public elections and the votes of millions of Americans. The campaign, launched by a broad based coalition of organizations dedicated to fair elections and government transparency, has identified common sense federal legislation that will help ensure the fairness, security, accessibility and accuracy of elections starting with the 2010 mid-term election.

If Dr. Flowers incorporated Single Payers United, Inc. to make "Obama the Movie," could she get the President's ear?

Darn, just realized the fatal flaw in that goofy plan.

She's an actual human citizen.  Sorry, that is, she's a non-corporate who circulates blood rather than the dollars able to buy all of the free speech needed to obtain an audience with our leaders.

Remember the Baucus caucus? I guess she didn't contribute to fund Senate Finance Committee reelection campaigns, or maybe not enough.

It seems so perverse since President Obama's SOTU specifically asked for the ideas she's trying to communicate to legislators for a year.