Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?

Have you been working harder and harder, becoming more productive all the time, only to see your wages, fail to keep up with that ever increasing cost of living?

It's not your imagination ...

It's just the way our Economic System tilts ...


For example, check out these disturbing trends:

Real Median Household Income [Notice the Flat-line trend over the last 8 years.]

WSJ Opinion Editorial tells the truth about the Inflation numbers

A dose of reality not a bad thing right now. Bumped by carol in the interest of sanity. Originally posted 2008-03-11 08:22:47 -0500.

If you are old enough, in 4th grade, accustomed to jig saw puzzles, and then looking at a map of the world, you might have thought: "gees, this rounded protruding part of South America looks as if it could fit right into this shallow depression along the edge of Africa." (Okay, I know that fourth graders don't talk like that, but hopefully you get the picture.)