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What's Coming Next, or Is Collapse Over, Nope!

I'm not an economist and the only real numbers I crunch are my personal expenses and when bidding construction jobs putting together those costs and percentages which in these latter years of my life, preferring more to do the work, I have done very little of, except while doing the work to bring a better quality for hopefully a bit cheaper cost in material and professional skill.

Watching what is now taking place in banking and the dream new capitalist economy that's been sold for a number of years isn't really a big surprise to this common man, many were forecasting exactly what would happen if we followed the sales pitch.

Following is a report from CBS that hits on the next shoe to drop or dropping already as we've seen with the collapse of a number of finance institutions but not yet talked about but part of what we the tax payers are already bailing out.

Use Polluter Pays Principle to Fund Bailout - Discussion

US Treasury $copy; 2008 TH(ePluribus Media) In his Opinion Editorial, Michael Thomas recognizes that the Bailout bill that failed to pass in the House on Monday was at best, a compromise. Instead of a 700 billion dollar bailout, Thomas suggests that there is a viable alternative for funding the bailout through the concept of the "Polluter Pays" principle used in Super Fund Cleanup legislation.

Read his opinion editorial and discuss your thoughts.

Use Clawbacks to Fund the Wall Street Bailouts - Discussion

US Treasury $copy; 2008 TH(ePluribus Media)Opinion Editorial

Michael Thomas shares his insights from working with dot com and venture capitalists and witnessing first hand how they cleaned up the dot com bubble mess using clawbacks. He has some suggestions for the Wall Street One Percenters. Read his thoughts here and tell us what you think!
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