If success breeds success...

What do you think this kind of crappy inbreeding results in?

(Bloomberg) -- American International Group Inc.
named Peter Hancock, described by a former employer as an
“architect” of the derivatives business, to oversee finance
and risk, including the insurer’s money-losing credit-default
swap unit.

Hancock spent 20 years at a predecessor to JPMorgan Chase &
Co., where he established the derivatives group and served as
chief financial officer, New York-based AIG said in a statement
today. Hancock, who most recently was vice chairman at KeyCorp
responsible for national banking, will report to AIG Chief
Executive Officer Robert Benmosche.

Hancock “is one of the people that basically developed the
credit-default swaps market at JPMorgan in the mid-1990s,” said
Ed Grebeck, CEO of Stamford, Connecticut-based debt-consulting
firm Tempus Advisors and an instructor at New York University on
derivatives. “Given that he was one of the pioneers, it’s
probably the first good appointment that any one of these
bailed-out firms has made.”

Those prankster shadow bank CEOs... They sure know where to put the right people to bury their body of crimes. What? You're not laughing??? You little people have no sense of humor. Maybe you'll like this joke a little more?

“Castle Doctrine” Bill Passes Ohio Senate, Beware Criminals, No Civil Lawsuits for You

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: With succinctness and a dab of dark humor, Sen. Tim Grendell, R-Chesterland, told criminals who commit crimes in someone's home or car that “you will not get a volume discount on killing more than one person.”

Grendell's grim comment came following the unanimous passage Wednesday by the Ohio Senate of the aptly dubbed ”Castle Doctrine” bill. It protects anyone who uses deadly force to defend themselves or another person from any civil liability against the person who created the threat against whom the deadly force was used.

In a 31-0 vote, the bill sponsored by Sen. Steve Buehrer, a member who represents a group of conservative counties in Northwest Ohio, was an identical twin of a House bill that sought to devise a bulwark defense for anyone who uses a gun to protect themselves, their family or their property against the nightmarish scenario of someone breaking into their home or their car.