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Following Stupid Over the Cliff

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Here's the offending lede:

Palin, Obama spar from a distance - Liz Sidoti/AP National Political Writer.

No, they don't, and to compare the two is but one of the many reasons why the takeover of the wire services by third-grade-level editors and reporters can be a dangerous thing for the rest of us.

Whoever thought comparing this particular President to Palin-the-iPimp was reasonable desperately needs anal-cranial surgery.

Wanted: Appointee. Must Walk On Water

'Fraidy Cat' @ Animated Halloween Props

AP/LAT: Second pick for transportation security chief is out

The Obama administration has called the job the most important unfilled position on Obama's team.

No wonder they're having a hard time getting people to come forward. Once submitted for the Senate 'interview', they're on their own. The old 'we'll-back-you-up-until-the-negative-shit-hits-the-fan kinda thing. Way to back up your people, dude.

Racing Downhill

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Douglas+Lightman/McClatchy: TOP STORY - GOP's Cantor says Democrats exploiting reports of threats

That's pretty much as far as you need read, given that the balance of the 'article' is a continuation of the verbal ping-pong that has become industry standard in the Washington press corps.  And the 'why' of the thing, or the facts in the fatuous statements?  Not there.

Long stretch to call any of it 'reporting'.

Hot Air

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Margot Roosevelt/LAT:
Climate law won't hurt California economy, report says

Iowa State University professor James Bushnell, a former UC Berkeley energy economist who chaired the group's economic impacts subcommittee, called the board's analysis "careful and competent. . . . The notion that this is going to somehow wreck the California economy is not credible."

Remarks for the Hard of Seeing

Now, it probably goes without saying that tonight’s vote will give rise to a frenzy of instant analysis. There will be tallies of Washington winners and losers, predictions about what it means for Democrats and Republicans, for my poll numbers, for my administration. But long after the debate fades away and the prognostication fades away and the dust settles, what will remain standing is not the government-run system some feared, or the status quo that serves the interests of the insurance industry, but a health care system that incorporates ideas from both parties -- a system that works better for the American people. [President Barack Obama, 3/21/2010]

Questions? I didn't think so.

Nothing Fair About Issac

AP: Credit scores can drop after getting loan help:

"The best way to build credit back is to continue to pay bills as agreed, to use credit wisely," said Tom Quinn, vice president of scoring solutions at Fair Issac Corp., which designed the well-known FICO score system. "As time goes on, the score gradually increases."

Back in the old days, the best gauge of what we now call 'creditworthiness' depended on comparing how much you made and saved against how much you owed. But since there were no such things as 'credit cards' for we ordinary mortals, every single bill that came in the door went back out with a check attached. If you had any money left over, you generally put it in savings. The bank was where you went for money for business, or to buy a home. (GMAC helped you buy that new BelAir). Make all your payments on time, you were considered a 'good risk'.

What's changed? What hasn't. These idiot financial 'ratings companies' have managed to completely reverse what constitutes a good credit risk. Now you *must* have credit, be in a state of constant debt, and carry cards with userious rates to get a *high* credit 'score'. Bass-f*cking-ackwards.

These guys punish people for doing the right thing. Pay off all your credit cards? Fine. Shred them? Go to the penalty box. Consolidate debt and reduce your interest rate by 50%? Fine. Pay off the debt early and build your savings account? That'll cost ya 100 points.


Pipelining Nukular Missiles

Image © BBC: Iran and Pakistan sign 'historic' pipeline deal:

Correspondents say the deal is not likely to be welcomed by the US - because of Tehran's suspected ambitions to build nuclear weapons.

I wondered how they could have stretched and tortured that logic to go from a pipeline to nukes. Then it hit me: aluminum tubes. The same people that brought us the tubes will now try to convince us that pipeline parts are actually going to be used to manufacture 'nukular missiles'.

WTF, the tea-partiers'll buy it.

Cantor Sings

AP: House leaders joust over use of parliamentary rule


Hoyer's Republican counterpart, Rep. Eric Cantor, acknowledged that such a process is permissible under House rules. . [but] said he couldn't understand why Democrats would use such a parliamentary detour with a bill of this magnitude and reach.

So after spending close to fifteen months, more hearings in more committees with more hours of debate than in the entire period of Reep-Rule, and using the most obstructionist tactics by one party in the history of the House, Cantor "can't understand"?

Quick, get that man a procto-neuro-surgeon.

Pew's State of the News Media 2010

State of the News Media 2010 - Introduction :

A new survey on online economics, released in this report for the first time, finds that 79% of online news consumers say they rarely if ever have clicked on an online ad.

Basic truisms: there is no other medium better suited to local advertising than a daily newspaper. There is no group of idiots less suited to the task than publishers of daily news. After at least 30 years of dealing with 'new' tech, and fifteen online, you'da thought these geniuses could grasp the concept of 'service', and of course 'local resources'. Nope.