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Thursday News: Bankrupt-sea

Christie Wilson/HonoluluAdvertiser: Judge lifts injunction on Hawaii Superferry

"The ruling by Maui Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza wrapped up — for now at least — a 2 1/2-year legal challenge that nearly scuttled the $250 million enterprise and ignited a bitter public debate that exposed deep geographic, racial, cultural and political divisions within the state."
[Image + more @ Sierra Club Maui. More news below]

Wednesday: Flops

No link. This from the current (3:05 PT) front page @ Yahoo News:
Video: Democrats Squawk About War Costs - ABC News

Democrats "Squawk" about appropriations bills, but the President "discusses" or "debates"? Strike that, reverse it.

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gizmag: IBM closes in on petaflop barrier
". . . the Blue Gene/L . . . was significantly expanded this summer to deliver a sustained performance of 478 trillion calculations per second (478 “teraflops”)."

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Lara Jakes Jordan/AP: Bush promises to rebuild Justice Dept.
"Former attorneys general John Ashcroft and Richard Thornburgh were among those in the crowd, which also included GOP Senate Judiciary Committee members Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas."

Rebuilding a failed structure means taking it down to the foundation. These guys are just slapping a coat of paint on the outside and calling it "new".

Tuesday News: Low Sparks

Amy Gahran on New Issues for News Orgs, directs readers to the article on the Future of Newspapers Blog by Jan Schaffer, Exec Director of J-Lab.

Worth the read, if only to answer the question: "are they really that blind?". (Yes).

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They aimed far lower than any other Congress has ever aimed, and they nailed their target. [Matt Taibbi/RollingStone: The Worst Congress Ever (17 Oct '06)]

The lede: Jonathan Kaplan/TheHill: Bush in no mood to talk to Dems about spending

So. The "Democratic Leadership" sent yet another letter to King George Jr. requesting a meeting to slide numbers around within an appropriations bill. The response was a cannon to the face. The reaction from these self-same leaders to having their heads blown from D.C. to the Left Coast was to tap their hankies lightly to the corners of their eyes, and take to the podia once again to (sadly, dejectedly, petulantly) inform the American people they gave it the old college try.

Isn't that special.

[Image: Dorothy & the Scarecrow @ BBC/Birmingham]

Friday News: VVoA WARSPEAK

VVoA:   We Invite You To Be In A Video!:
Are you a Vietnam-era veteran? If so, we're looking for photos of you during your service to be used to produce a 2:50 video using the song WARSPEAK as the musical bed.

Saddle up, lock and load
Selector switch on rock and roll
Advance on line, recon by fire
Grenades in cans with fishing wire
Blooper, frag, M-16, Spooky, Huey, and fixed wing
05, 55, zone and shift, shell mix, fuse mix, make it quick

Thursday News: Anyone for Tennis?

RIA Novosti:  Iran unlikely to threaten U.S. territory in next 10 years
"MOSCOW, November 8  - Iran has no capability to build nuclear weapons that could reach U.S. territory within the next seven to 10 years, a Russian military expert said on Thursday."

In the climactic scene of the movie Savage Seven, when all is seemingly lost, the leader of the biker group rolls with his force of two hundred Harley-riders across the desert to rescue the town from the evil-doers, while Cream sings Anyone for tennis.

That's the image being painted by Team Fantasy in the White House, backed up by the flying chimps in Congress: America to the rescue!

Question is, who TF asked them?