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The Scream of the Peacock ... Journalism vs Infotainment

Bumping again for relevance. 11/16/2016
Originally posted 2008-02-07 06:29:02 -- given the current state of the media, well worth bumping -- cho

You guys are just covering — what do they call it — the scream of the peacock, and you’re missing the whole fox hunt. -- Stephen King [Interview in Time Magazine]

The 2 Blocks From Ground Zero Muslim Community Center Built on Hallowed Grounds of a Burlington Coat Factory

Unless you are a stupid right winger that loves turning noncontroversial BS into an epic political battle...

Stop calling it "The Mosque at Ground Zero" because there is no such thing.

Are you really this insane as to elevate the stupidity? More reality below the fold.

Open Thread - Born in the USA!

Jon Stewart does a superb take-down of the fact that from the day the 14th Amendment was first debated it was always about race, so there is nothing new about the reasoning behind those that want to repeal or change it now:

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BruinKid at dKos has the transcript up in a pictorial essay form for those of you that may not be able to watch the video embeds. Another video, the musical kind, that you can watch and listen to below the Open Thread fold.

Open Thread: Conflict Minerals and the "Ore on Terror"

Steven D at the BooMan Tribune pointed out this interesting video on a campaign to raise awareness concerning the grave situation in the Congo:

Profiting from the worst war on the planet that no one in America knows anything about by purchasing "conflicts minerals" from the Congo for their products:

Also from Steven D, and after some nudging from readers, later added a diary covering what you can do about it.

One of the things I have always loved about Blogging is the fact that not only can we start to look at things that are wrong, pick apart stories, facts and ideas... But we can work together on solutions for them when we see these problems for what they are.

Below the Open Thread fold is the same story unfolding with a different name to the region affected, IMHO, as Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew give us the "Ore on Terror":

Open Thread - If you only do one thing today...

This is the one thing that you can do that might make a difference in real health insurance reform:

Holy Crap! Leahy Introduces Anti-trust Amendment Today!

So what can we do to ensure this antitrust exemption amendment passes? For starters, you can pick up that phone and CALL your Senator to vote in favor of the Leahy antitrust exemption amendment for private insurers.


This is the amendment number below:
-Leahy #3823 (health insurance antitrust enforcement)

This is our chance to give another kick in the pants to the murder by spreadsheet industry, so please pick up that phone and CALL in support of the Leahy amendment today! Please don't let that amendment die on the vine.

Below the Open Thread fold is a little bit from the Daily Show's Back in Black taking on Glen Beck's little problem.

Jon Stewart on Healthcare

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart takes a look at the healthcare successes of the Democrats:

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