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Treason! Secret Video Reveals Tea Party’s Anti-American Agenda

[ed. note - CM1] Thank you to Movement Vision's sallykhon for permission to reproduce this humorous piece of citizen journalism and for daring to enter the world of extreme nuttiness that is the tea party, videoing it and still coming out with her sanity intact.

I’ve never been to a tea party. Really. Not even as a little girl. Was never my thing. So when I decided I was going to infiltrate the Tri-State Liberty Summit of Tea Party activists, my first question was: What do I wear? Unfortunately, my frilly cocktail dress was at the cleaners so I had to go with my usual “Is she a boy or a girl?” attire. Good news is, the Tea Party activists were unfazed by my gender-bending sweater vest. All they seemed to care about was that I was white.

Because in the flurry of red, white and blue sentiment that filled the Italian American Center of Stamford, Connecticut, on May 23, 2010, the most prominent color was definitely white. White people with ghostly white faces fearing that our new black President is only one sooner-than-expected sign of the approaching end of white racial dominance in America.

Watch this secret video, including shocking footage of FreedomWorks Chair Rep. Dick Armey:

Achmed the Dead Terrorist...

originally posted - 2008-03-09 04:54:42 -1100

Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist and his boney buddy Achmed, the dead terrorist...who looks kind of like Don Rumsfeld without his makeup, IMO.

A tad offbeat, somewhat funny, some bad language and off-color touches, but I thought it was an interesting alternative to the Bush Republican version of what to expect from "terrorists"...

Hat-tip to pmeldrum for the pointer to the video.

Happy Sunday, folks. Hope nobody is offended -- let me know your thoughts in comments. Thank you.