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Watchdog Group Calls On Lawyers Practicing In The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals To Reject Judge Jay Bybee

Newly Released Department of Justice Report Further Discredits the Former Bush Administration Torture Lawyer

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DC: On Friday, Department of Justice Associate Deputy Attorney General
David Margolis found that Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jay
Bybee exercised “poor judgment” when preparing legal memos advocating
torture of detainees in US custody.  Mr. Margolis also released a
report from the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which
found that Mr. Bybee engaged in “unprofessional conduct.”  That
300-page OPR report is a blistering indictment against Mr. Bybee,
accusing him of ethical transgressions such as intentionally ignoring
established case law‑‑including that from the Supreme Court‑‑that
directly contradicted his position.  

The Disbar Torture Lawyers campaign, www.disbartorturelawyers.com,
consisting of scores of government accountability groups representing
over a million members, last year filed a disciplinary complaint
against Jay Bybee with the Washington, DC Bar seeking his disbarment.
 Today, the campaign supplemented that complaint with the DOJ and OPR

Department Of Justice Finds That Its Torture Lawyers Engaged In Professional Misconduct By Advocating Torture During Bush Admin.

DisbarTortureLawyers Campaign To File OPR Report Today To Supplement Fifteen Disbarment Complaints

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Friday, the Department of Justice issued it’s long awaited report on
the actions of the DOJ lawyers who authored the infamous legal memos
authorizing torture.  The report consists of two parts: the first is a
300-page report from the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility
finding that the attorneys, specifically John Yoo and Jay Bybee,
engaged in “professional misconduct.”  The second is a 69-page cover
letter from career DOJ staffer David Margolis finding that the lawyers
exercised “poor judgment.”  The OPR finding would under normal
circumstances require transmittal to the state bar  for disciplinary
proceedings. However, Mr. Margolis, a 17-year employee of the DoJ who
was in a supervisory position when the legal memos were written, has
specifically refused to allow the OPR report to be transmitted.
However, he did  state that “[t]he bar associations in the District of
Columbia or Pennsylvania can choose to take up this matter, but the
Department will make no referral.”

Today, DisbarTortureLawyers.com campaign attorney Kevin Zeese will file
the DOJ/OPR findings with the various state bar disciplinary
committees. These committees are already reviewing the complaints he
filed last summer against 15 of the most culpable torture lawyers as
part of a a campaign to ensure accountability for their heinous
actions. He is asking that disbarment proceedings proceed quickly in
light of these new reports.