A Nation of Suckers

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Imagine you bought a used car back in 2003 and after driving it around for a few months you discovered that the odometer had been rolled back, the airbags had been deployed and never replaced, the spare tire in the trunk was bald and the transmission had been so badly abused that it burnt out in six months.

Would you buy another used car from the same salesman?

Hopefully, after getting burned by the same salesman once, you would never trust him a second time. Sadly, people in America seem to like being suckered.

Petty Politics: McCain/Palin -- GOP's Last Gasp or Political Stalking Horse?

From the Mercury News:1


David Springer, an Intel program manager and a San Jose team leader for the McCain campaign, focused on Palin's credentials as a natural leader and a passionate reformer as Alaska's governor. He plays down the suggestion that McCain is using Palin to skim Clinton votes away from Obama.

"I suspect there's a part of that in there, but the choice for vice president is a lot more important than just picking a characteristic that'll swing a few voters," he said. "John is picking her as a natural successor. I don't think gender matters one way or another in how he made his choice."


Perhaps Mr. Springer missed the recent attempt by Karl Rove to pre-marginalize Obama's Vice Presidential pick for a running mate. Mr. Rove tried to set the stage and dialogue for the Obama choice by using Governor Tim Kaine as an example, stating that he felt Obama would make a political choice and not a choice based on what would make a good Vice President or a potential President in the event the Veep was called upon to fill a vacancy.

Unfortunately for the McCain campaign, for Ms. Palin, for Mr. Springer and for Karl Rove, the video of that criticism is available online -- and applies perfectly to McCain's selection of Palin.