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The Iowa Caucus Voting Process and Reforming Presidential Elections

An interesting article An Inside Look at How the Iowa Democratic Caucuses Work by Jerald Thomas Hawhee, describes the process. Like many I'm sure, I had dismissed the whole process as some kind of strange, arcane nonsense. Well not for the first time, I think I was wrong! As explained by Hawhee it is really an example of grass roots participatory democracy (remember that word?) in action. It raises some interesting questions for me on the whole of the election process.

How the Media Have Been Trivializing Campaign Coverage to the Point of Dishonesty

Submitted by: carol white on Fri, 12/21/2007 - 09:45

Eric Boehlert has written a commentary about how the media is trivializing the election campaign by refusing to cover substantive issues and focussing on trivia, Bill Clinton is right (and my wager for Al Hunt.

Boehlert begins with a quotation on the subject which has been ridiculed by the press, but which is right on the mark. No wonder people think experience is irrelevant. A lot of people covering the race think it is.-- Bill Clinton, December 4, 2007. The article made me reflect on the tone of my own recent remarks on the Clintons, but they pale by comparison to the major distortions of the campaign by press pundits.

Like Boehlert, I too have listened to all of the debates and winced at all the so-called reporting on Hillary Clinton's laugh and Edward's haircut, but I was still astonished by the dishonest of Washington Post's coverage of the false claim that Obama has pro-Muslim predilections, and similar instances sited by Boehlert--see below. I recommend that everyone read the entire article but if not here are some excerpts: