Democratic Convention

Dem. 'Keynote' Convention Speaker

Who else would be better to be chosen as the 'Keynote' speaker at the Democratic Convention than one of those this country sent into a failed Foreign Policy Conflict and Occupation.

There are many to choose from, way too many, who have Sacrificed way too much for this country, but now that Senator Obama has made History and will Lead the Convention they need look no further than his own State.

The Iowa Caucus Voting Process and Reforming Presidential Elections

An interesting article An Inside Look at How the Iowa Democratic Caucuses Work by Jerald Thomas Hawhee, describes the process. Like many I'm sure, I had dismissed the whole process as some kind of strange, arcane nonsense. Well not for the first time, I think I was wrong! As explained by Hawhee it is really an example of grass roots participatory democracy (remember that word?) in action. It raises some interesting questions for me on the whole of the election process.