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The War That Democracy Is Losing

It has taken many years to build towards this kind of loss, and the momentum is still swinging rightward and up towards drowning us all in even more of authoritarianism's and of conservatism's ideas:

The Invasion against Democracy: The war is escalating. Right now, financial elites aren’t just fighting a defensive battle against new regulations. They’re playing offense: They’re whipping up deficit hysteria around the globe and calling for drastic cuts in middle class programs. Why? They want to ensure that their loans to governments aren’t threatened by rising public debt. Ironically, the public debt they’re so worried about was created in large part by them — the result of huge bailouts and other expenses stemming from the crash they caused. Although the bankers want us to dismantle what remains of our worker-oriented policies, welfare for the financial elites is still fine and dandy.

LesLeopold at Alternet makes more than a few salient points in the piece titled "Is there a Global War between Financial Theocracy and Democracy?"

I have said before that I would like nothing more than to lay the blame for all of this on the Republican party BUT...

Failing to Heed: Lieberman, GOP Corruption and a Nation Lost and Adrift

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There have been plenty of signs along the way -- bright, gaudy, glaring signs to some of us, which only now stand out to others in hindsight. Joe Lieberman is a former Democratic leader, now compromised by his claims of faux bi-partisanship and blatant support of Republican candidates, policies and talking points.

Scott In NJ's diary Harry Reid can't strip Lieberman of his committee assignments and Steve Singiser's diary Senator Reid: Show Me Something. Expel Lieberman Tomorrow. both wrangle with the issue. A brief blurb I put up over on ePluribus Media 2.0 provides a short collection of some of the signs, portents and their meanings.

What does it all mean? Has this all been avoidable, or are we as a nation perpetually stuck watching a Congressional rendition of kabuki theatre in a Potempkin village,1 hoping in vain for our broken system of government to fix itself and justify our efforts to get our nation back to some semblance of a true Democracy?