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The campaign script that has written itself...

But will will those Dems notice? From Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly's Political Animal:


Note that House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) was asked on ABC yesterday how his party would have saved these thousands of jobs, including 3,600 in his home state of Indiana. Pence didn't answer, because he couldn't -- the Republican plan was to let those jobs disappear, and then blame President Obama when the economy got worse. (It's the same with the rescue of the American auto industry -- the GOP plan wasn't to save it in some other way; the GOP plan was to let it die.)

The campaign ads seem to write themselves in a situation like this. Indeed, this is a debate to build an election around -- with a struggling economy, Democrats proposed a fiscally-responsible plan to save hundreds of thousands of jobs, specifically helping our local schools. Republicans said we can afford tax cuts for billionaires, but not teachers' jobs.

It's not every day the two parties' approaches to government get spelled out so clearly, giving the public a stark choice between two very different ideologies.

Emphasis mine and Digby has a lot to say, excerpted below the fold, on this as well.

Does Anyone Remember...

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President Alf Landon?

"This is the largest tax bill in history," the Republican leader fumed. The reform "is unjust, unworkable, stupidly drafted and wastefully financed."

And that wasn't all. This "cruel hoax," he said, this "folly" of "bungling and waste," compared poorly to the "much less expensive" and "practical measures" favored by the Republicans.

"We must repeal," the GOP leader argued. "The Republican Party is pledged to do this."

That was Republican presidential nominee Alf Landon in a September 1936 campaign speech. He based his bid for the White House on repealing Social Security.

Unless you have some kind of alternate universe revisionist history to go by, expect this kind of campaign lunacy to go over just as well in the next election cycle.

Obama Meets with Dem Senators - Live

I am going to put this on the front page for now and demote it when it is done. (It is over)

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Anyone think he will give them the same treatment he gave to the GOP House "Lion's Den" he visited last week? (Seemed more like a GOP kitty litter box when he was done burrying them and their questionable talking points...)

Nick Benton's Corner: Hitting Obama's Left Flank

Written by Nicholas Benton, owner/editor of Falls Church News Press. Posted with his permission.

It is surprising that so few progressives mortified by the aggressive assault tactics of the embittered right wing in America seem to appreciate the consequence of their own actions to deprecate the achievements of the Obama administration.

Musings From The Outside Looking In

Indies/Unaffiliateds, people like myself, are becoming the force to reckon with in politics. And it is clear that the majority of us break to the left in our support. I am thinking a 42 percent number is only a slight outlier? But in the general ballpark.

This is a trend I have talked about for a while.

Yes. The Republican party is dying and, yes, the Democratic party is making some gains but, HUGE BUT HERE, indy/unaffiliated will probably keep outpacing them both in growth, IMHO.

Nick Benton's Corner: When Teddy Took On His Own Party

by Nicholas Benton, owner/editor of the Falls Church News Press and posted with his permission.

>For as much as had been written and said about the remarkable legacy of the late Sen. Teddy Kennedy following his death last month, his willingness to take strong and principled stands against the leadership of his own party was among his most enduring contributions.

Adult Supervision

Does a delegate go to a political convention to lead? To represent? To decide?

I had always thought their task was to represent and, based on that, to decide. After all, the very word “delegate” itself implies a transfer of power, a representation—and not duties of leadership. In today's New York Times, however, Geraldine Ferraro tells me that I'm wrong.

Democrats want Katherine Harris drafted for president

Remember old Katherine...give a look see: here

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- If Republicans don't think their presidential candidates are on the conservative extreme of issues important to them, Democrats are reminding them there is another choice: Katherine Harris.

The Florida Democratic Party is launching a parody Web site that will feature videos of Republican presidential candidates' statements on issues like immigration, foreign policy, taxes and others. The idea is if they want someone on the far right on any of those topics, Harris is their candidate.

"It's comparing her to the candidates on the Republican platform - who hates immigrants more, who will fight to reduce the number of children with health insurance, et cetera," said Mark Bubriski, a spokesman for the state party.

Keep the faith Katherine...per the Temptations: