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God Pulled the Handle

Robert Kaplan/theAtlantic: WATERWORLD [sub. req'd]
Atop the Bay of Bengal, the numberless braids of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers have formed the world’s largest, youngest estuarine delta and one of its most dynamic. It is, in effect, the world’s biggest flush toilet. Once a year, over the space of four months, God yanks the handle.

Just because humans occupy a space for a short period of time doesn't mean they "own" it. Few more cyclones there, and hurricanes here, and low-lying Gulf Coast areas will become ocean. Build a floating city, or move to higher ground are the obvious choices. Therefore people will do neither.

[USGS/NASA: Earth As Art]
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Reference Tool: Martha Legace/HBS: Mapping Polluters, Encouraging Protectors. Wow.
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