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If Pop Culture Influenced Insurance Eligibility: Twelve Potential Reasons You Might Get Denied

Hat-tip ametrine of DelphiForums.

With healthcare and insurance reform still topping the charts as hot topics, Jimmy Wellington of The Fake News blog posted a good bit of snarky humor: Woman Denied Health Coverage After Chance Encounter With Jack Bauer

Below are the top 12 pre-existing conditions for which someone could get denied health coverage in Jimmy's piece -- but do go read the whole thing.

  1. Do you ever beam down to an alien planet while wearing a red shirt?
  2. Does your boyfriend or relative have supernatural powers that he uses to save innocent people on a regular basis?
  3. Do you do menial work for the Dharma Initiative?
  4. Is your best friend a werewolf?
  5. Are you a black person who finds themselves and their group of white friends in a scary or supernatural situation?
  6. Do you ever find yourself between Al Sharpton and a camera?
  7. When the entire world blacks out and sees 6 months into the future, did you see nothing?
  8. Does your school librarian keep many books about witchcraft, werewolves, and, most importantly, vampires?
  9. Have you recently seen a car with two good-looking FBI agents and a lot of sexual tension between them?
  10. Are you frequently in a car driven by a member of the Kennedy family?
  11. Have you seen a 1950’s British Police Box in your neighborhood – especially if you don’t live in the 1950s or Britain?
  12. Did you have a dream of you and all your friends dying in a horrible accident, but told everyone about your premonition and saved most of you?

I must say, perhaps I'm a tad prudish but I wasn't overly fond of the Kennedy reference -- p'raps because of the relatively recent passing of Senator Kennedy, and need for MA residents to elect someone to finish his term. But otherwise, my favorite references were the red-shirt and Doctor Who ones...yeah, I'm a sci-fi nut.

Anywho, those ought to give folks a few moments of illusory enjoyment before the crushing realities of the day encroach on our minds once again...