Triumph of the Money Party!!! Warren's role downgraded, reports to Geithner

Michael Collins

The White House snatched back one of the few bones it's thrown to the people outraged at the looting of the United States Treasury by failed financial concerns - the big banks and Wall Street. The promised appointment Elizabeth Warren as head of the new agency to protect consumers from the financial services industry has been seriously downgraded. Instead of running the Consumer Finance Protection Agency, Warren's role has been diminished to that of special assistant to the president and adviser to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

"President Obama, sidestepping a possibly heated confirmation battle, will appoint Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren as a special advisor to the Treasury Department to launch the government's powerful new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to two Democratic officials familiar with the decision." LA Times, Sept 15

An interim appointment would have given the no-nonsense Warren the full authority to structure consumer bureau in the interests of the people. A special adviser role is defined in a New York Times article as follows:

"Ms. Warren will be named an assistant to the president, a designation that is held by senior White House staff members, including Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff.

"She will also be a special adviser to the Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, and report jointly to both men." September 15

The title of the Times article says it all: Warren to Unofficially Lead Consumer Agency.

Of course, President Obama could have set it up for Warren to officially lead the agency through an interim appointment. Warren's outstanding efforts and her extraordinary record of being right on the issues are more than enough justification for that.

Sebelius, DeLauro, Dodd Healthcare Meeting with Small Business Leaders

First 2 4 All 9 parts of the video from the meeting in Hartford on Monday between Kathleen Sebelius, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Sen. Chris Dodd and small business leaders in Connecticut:

Part 1

Part 2

I will be uploading more as I edit and upload it to YouTube. Should be about 5 or 6 9 parts.

Yes suree bobby ... the GOP vultures and sharks are circling in CT (with 4/2/09 UPDATE)


Has not been a good week for Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut (one of two of my Senators) and as I might suspect the CT GOP and GOP at large must be salivating at the notion that they may actually have a chance to win the next time Dodd runs for office.

Dodd's polls were down even before this week's AIG debacle, uh no ... uh yes ... but it was them, I mean talk about a meltdown before your eyes, even Chernobyl didn't go as quick.