dumb-ass Republicans

Republicans tried to stop healthcare saying Americans will make MORE money

Mother Jones has a long post on this but I am going to keep my point short. This was a last ditch effort using an appeal to the parliamentarian on the basis of an obscure link to Social Security. The GOP claimed that because Americans were going to make more money they would be paying more to Social Security... But this is the only real takeaway from their own argument:

Republicans tried to stop you from making more money.

How else do you read this:

The Republican party has even told you

to your face, Democratic party leadership, that you are being stupid. clammyc has an excellent post up today that covers some serious messaging and policy issues. This a bit of an extended excerpt from it:

No message, no base, no win

I’m not a believer in finger pointing.  However, I am a believer in
understanding why certain things happen so as to take stock and see
what can be changed in order to make sure that the desired outcome has
a better chance of happening.  Without understanding why
Coakley lost yesterday (and to a similar extent, Corzine and a lesser
extent, Deeds last year), there needs to be an honest discussion and
assessment of just what has gone wrong on over the past year or so.

Without specifically assigning "blame" to anyone, I’ve been thinking
about they way things have progressed over the past year or so – on a
level that resonates with "the average American" and not those of us
who dissect every vote or comment or action, and also not those who
have a laundry list of "feel good items" that most Americans don’t know
or really care about.

The key here is that in order to win – whether it be on an
idea, a bill or an election, there needs to be a connection with the
voter and American public
.  Essentially, it doesn’t matter if
Democrats, liberals, progressives, teabaggers or conservatives have the
best "answer".  What matters is:

  • Is it articulated in a way that resonates personally with the
    audience and their values (and not in a "family values" sort of way)?
  • Is it honest and believable coming from the messenger?
  • Is it being heard by the audience in the manner intended?
  • Is there a connection between the messenger and the audience that makes the audience want to help put that message into action?

There have been diaries over the past few days that have said that
corruption is the biggest issue or that GOTV is the most important
thing.  There was one saying that we have to get the republicans on
record – but THEY ARE IN THE MINORITY.  And while they are important
items, they are all secondary to the right message.  Without connecting
with voters and Americans, you won’t be able to "force" a GOTV effort –
you need people that WANT to help with that effort – that BELIEVE in
the effort and outcome.

Of course, with me being me and extremely pissed off right about now... I had to toss in my 3 cents worth: