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Maddow on the Republican Obstruction to Recovery: The Nation Recoils in Horror

Two Maddow embeds - one below the fold. Both well worth watching and sharing. Today's Republican "leadership" is not what they proclaim themselves to be - and their actions (and inaction) speak louder than their words. And are horrifying to the average American, and to the American dream.

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And if you think that's not encouraging...It gets worse. Rachel breaks it down after the jump.


The Economy, as seen under George W. Bush and the GOP vs. Barack Obama and the Democratic Majority

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The Obama Economic Recovery, via Sahil Kapur of True Slant
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Nick Benton's Corner: Consumerism Vs. Human Capitalism

Posted with permission of author, Nicholas Benton owner/editor of the Falls Church News Press.

As the official U.S. unemployment number approaches 10 percent, the ravaged economy is veering toward its much-feared "second dip" associated with credit card debt, rising commercial real estate vacancy rates and a major up-tick of unaffordable residential adjustable rate mortgage re-sets.

Nick Benton's Corner: The New Lasting Fad of Frugality

From the Falls Church News Press, Nicholas Benton owner/editor

by Nick Benton

All those trying to jump-start the economy by infusing a renewed sense of optimism in the population point to encouraging signs that some recent polls reflect.

Americans are starting to feel a little better about the future, they report. 

But is it the kind of future that will, anytime soon, resemble anything like the supposed gravy days that preceded the onset of the current steep economic downturn? The indications are that most Americans don't think so.