Election fraud

Florida - Outsourcing Election Night to Microsoft

Every two years we get to raise the question, once again: 

"Where were the Florida election results counted tonight?"

Because, for much of the last decade, the State of Florida has had a non-State entity hosting the election night results that Floridians trust are the accurate representation of their cumulative vote.  

This scenario is the Florida replay of what we first identified had occurred in 2004 when Ohio's votes made a roundtrip through SMARTechcorp computers, in Tennessee, and George W. Bush beat John Kerry in the general election.

We've only been able to capture records of the IP address for the State of Florida's election night host computers since 2005.  Two years ago (maybe four) election results were hosted on computers managed by a company based in the state of Georgia. 

If I was Newt Gingrich, I would be happy about that location, if it was repeated tonight.

GOP Primary

Perhaps.   Or maybe not. 

Re Election Fraud By Americans For Prosperity, United Sportsmen Of Wisconsin, And John W. Connors In Wisconsin Recall Election

Protect Our Elections
POB 9576
Washington, DC 20016
August 8, 2011

Robert Mueller
Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Nancy McNamara<
Special Agent In Charge
330 E. Kilbourn Ave, Suite 600
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Re: Election Fraud By Americans For Prosperity, United Sportsmen Of Wisconsin, And John W. Connors In Wisconsin Recall Elections

Dear Director Mueller and SIC McNamara:

I am writing on behalf of ProtectOurElections.org to request a federal criminal investigation into the activities of groups controlled by or affiliated with John W. Connors, a Wisconsin resident and president and owner of J Connors and Company LLC, whose address is listed at 1126 South 70th St S240, Milwaukee WI 53214. In short, it has been reported that Mr. Connors has been engaged in misleading and fraudulent conduct with respect to the recent Wisconsin recall elections by creating mysterious front group(s) and sending out false mailings in order to suppress the Democratic vote. Investigative reporter Brad Freidman wrote about this earlier today at http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8659, a copy which is attached.

Specifically, two Connors affiliated groups, Americans for Prosperity (“AFP”) and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, (“USW”) have sent out mailers and absentee ballots to Democrats falsely telling them the wrong date for the return of the ballots. In the case of AFP, the instructions stated that the ballots had to be returned by Aug 11, two days after the election, and in the case of USW, the instructions stated that they had to be returned on August 4, five days before the election. In the first case, the ballot would not be counted if not received by August 9, and in the second case, people who followed the instructions after August 4 may have not voted because they believed that they did not send their absentee ballot to elections officials in time. In both cases, the intent of the mailers was to defraud and mislead voters in order to suppress voter participation by Democrats.

Americans For Prosperity is a national organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. It appears that AFP is directly involved with these false mailings and is funding and facilitating the work of Jon Connors with respect to USW and other opaque front groups in order to fraudulently manipulate elections in Wisconsin. If so, this constitutes a federal violation of section 501(c)(4). Moreover, because these false mailings were sent through the United States Postal Service, the federal mail fraud statute, 18 USC 1341, appears to have been violated.

We strongly urge you to investigate and prosecute John Connors, Americans For Prosperity and his affiliated groups for violating these and other federal statutes.


Kevin Zeese
Attorney at Law

ProtectOurElections.org Calls for Department of Justice Investigation into Vote Count Irregularities in Waukesha County, Wiscons

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a stunning development Thursday, 14,315 votes in Tuesday's election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice were added to the vote total for Waukesha County, the largest Republican-dominated county in Wisconsin, netting 7,582 additional votes for incumbent Justice David Prosser. The additional votes give Prosser the victory in the heated race for the high court. As of Tuesday, challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg had been ahead in the race, according to totals compiled by the Associated Press. These new votes will reverse the election result and add new financial burdens for any recount.   ProtectOurElections.org now calls for an immediate Department of Justice investigation and impoundment of all voting machines, computer equipment, ballots, memory cards and other evidence in order to verify a fair vote count in Waukesha County.  This investigation must include a review of all communications including emails and telephone records between Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, others in the Waukesha clerk's office, and all outside persons and interested parties to the election dispute.

"Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus is a partisan activist who has a long history of election irregularities and questionable conduct," said Protect Our Elections spokesman and attorney Kevin Zeese.  "She was given immunity from prosecution in a 2002 criminal investigation into illegal activity by members of the Republican Assembly caucus where she worked as a data analyst and computer specialist. Last year, it was discovered that she unplugged election results from the State system and instead stored them only on her personal computer, and then resisted an audit which found such conduct in violation of accepted practices.  She was also taken to task for keeping election results secret from others, refusing to follow security protocols, and for letting her 'Republican activism' interfere with her job. And now, it appears that she intentionally held back these new vote totals from other officials and observers but leaked the data to conservative bloggers to break the story. Finally, it is being reported that she previously worked with and was hired by Judge Prosser. Based on these shocking developments and to ensure the fairness of the election results, the Department of Justice must immediately step in and conduct at a full, impartial, and independent investigation into this matter directed by its Civil Rights Voting Section. "  

ProtectOurElections.org has for years been advocating for secure elections, and questioning the validity and vulnerability of results from electronic voting machines and electronic vote-counting systems, because these results can easily be altered without leaving a trace of evidence.

SOURCE www.ProtectOurElections.org

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Jumping Florida Election Night Results Servers ...

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It's become something of a tradition around here, at ePluribusMedia, to find outsourced election services on election night. 

I'll tell you that I'd be angry if I found that the machines reporting the counting of my votes jumped from one computer to another with no explanation.  That's just me, I know how much of a black box is any sort of computer.

And that's exactly what we found in Florida, again, this year.

Kos, "Raw Data," and the Mainstream Media

Michael Collins

When DailyKos publisher and owner Markos Moulitsas demanded that his pollster produce raw data from the polls Moulitsas purchased, he established a principle of election polling transparency that could open up the checkered history of presidential elections in the United States.

The controversy erupted when Moulitsas (kos) fired his polling company. He was unhappy with their results and demanded that his pollster, Research 2000 (R2000), turn over raw data for review. Moulitsas said:

"Early in this process, I asked for and they offered to provide us with their raw data for independent analysis -- which could potentially exculpate them. That was two weeks ago, and despite repeated promises to provide us that data, Research 2000 ultimately refused to do so." kos

A Matter of Trust - Mexico's July 5 Legislative Elections


A Three Part Series   Part 1

In the wake of Felipe Calderon’s surprising electoral win over Andrés Manual Lopez-Obrador in 2006 Presidential Elections, demonstrators protesting alleged election fraud occupied the center of Mexico City from July through December.  On three occasions, crowds of over one million were reported.   Image:  Erasmo Lopez

Ohio Cyber Security Expert Says 2004 KingPin Attack Benefited Bush - Discussion

Ohio News Bureau's John Michael Spinnelli reports on yesterday's filing of a motion to expedite the testimony of Mike Connell before Ohio's vote next week.

One Way to Fight Vote Fraud

We know that the McCain campaign will try to steal the election by once again unleashing their vote fraud apparatus. Clearly  unmasking this operation as it unfolds is a crucial element in defeating them. But the other thing to bear in mind is that it becomes more and more difficult for them to steal an election when there is a grass roots operation of poll watchers, and everyone gets out to vote.

AP Poll - Setup for a Stolen Election?

Promote by Roxy - originally posted 2008-10-24 02:44

Setup for a Stolen Election?

AP Poll "Tightens" Race to a Point

Michael Collins

The Associated press came out with a remarkable poll Thursday.  It claimed that the presidential race had tightened from the consistent leads Obama has shown over the past weeks to become one of those "too close to call" national elections.  Their poll, conducted by German polling firm GfK, showed 44% for Obama and 43% for McCain.

How could this be?  In the Real Clear Politics average of major national polls, Oct 24, Obama's average lead is 7.5%.  The four national polls conducted on the same days as the AP poll show an average 9.2% Obama lead.  The polls after the AP "tightening" effort shows an 8.7% Obama lead.  Clearly the AP-GfK poll is an exception or outlier, as those are called.

Yet the AP presents this as news, not opinion.

13 Million Voters Purged -- and Counting!

Promoted. Originally posted 2008-10-18 16:52:30 -0500. This is apparently the only way Republicans can win -- or at least minimize their losses. Why don't they love America? -- GH

The Republican voter fraud hoax
Brad Friedman - October 13 2008

Despite the screaming wall-to-wall coverage of "Democratic voter fraud in 11 swing states" as seen on Fox News and even the once-respectable CNN, none of it's true. None of it.
That will be the November surprise, when thousands, if not millions show up to vote only to find they are no longer welcome to do so and are forced to vote on a "provisional ballot" which may or may not be counted.

These real concerns of election fraud, such as voting roll purges, electronic voting machines that don't work and so much more that actually matters, have been obscured by the smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand of the Republican party's phoney Acorn voter fraud charade.

(Emphasis Added)