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Florida - Outsourcing Election Night to Microsoft

Every two years we get to raise the question, once again: 

"Where were the Florida election results counted tonight?"

Because, for much of the last decade, the State of Florida has had a non-State entity hosting the election night results that Floridians trust are the accurate representation of their cumulative vote.  

This scenario is the Florida replay of what we first identified had occurred in 2004 when Ohio's votes made a roundtrip through SMARTechcorp computers, in Tennessee, and George W. Bush beat John Kerry in the general election.

We've only been able to capture records of the IP address for the State of Florida's election night host computers since 2005.  Two years ago (maybe four) election results were hosted on computers managed by a company based in the state of Georgia. 

If I was Newt Gingrich, I would be happy about that location, if it was repeated tonight.

GOP Primary

Perhaps.   Or maybe not. 

WatchDog Groups Launch Protect Our Elections To Pass Pending Election Legislation For 2010 Mid-Terms

WatchDog Groups Launch New Campaign Urging Congress To Pass Pending Election Legislation That Will Protect Millions Of Voters And Bring Fairness And Transparency To The Upcoming Elections

Ilene Proctor PR
(310) 858-6643

Washington, DC -- Protect Our Elections, www.protectourelections.org, is a new campaign to help push Congress for passage of pending national legislation meant to protect public elections and the votes of millions of Americans. The campaign, launched by a broad based coalition of organizations dedicated to fair elections and government transparency, has identified common sense federal legislation that will help ensure the fairness, security, accessibility and accuracy of elections starting with the 2010 mid-term election.

Yesterday's Tomorrow File Deleted?

A teaser from an ePluribus Media Journal past and the questions of election theft that may never be answered below the fold:

Rove Threat to Blackmail GOP IT Mastermind Triggers Immunity Request to Ohio AG by Election Lawyers

GOP Threatens “Valerie Plame” Style Strike Against Wife of IT Mastermind if He Doesn’t Become Fall Guy for Gaming the 2004 Ohio Election

OhioNewsBureau -By John Michael Spinelli

COLUMBUS, OHIO: The little story about how the GOP cyber-gamed the Ohio presidential election in 2004 is growing by the day, spurred on to greater heights Thursday when an Ohio election attorney asked the Ohio Attorney General to provide immunity protection to Mike Connell, the GOP IT mastermind who built various computer systems they say not only won Ohio for President Bush in 2004 but led to many other wins for Republicans over the years of the Bush Administration.

A key figure in the grand strategy of the Grand Old Party to build a cyber system that could assure permanent control by Republicans of key offices, state and federal, is Mike Connell, an Ohio native some refer to as a “High IQ Forrest Gump” for his brilliance in masterminding the construction of various computer systems associated with election procedures and data security, including the so-called firewall in Congress.

As Raw Story reported in December, Mike Connell died in a plane crash shortly before he was supposed to testify:

Glitches in Voting Software in CT

At MLN they have this up on the front page:

Glitches In ConnPost Article

ConnPost: "Glitches didn't affect election outcome" <read>

CTVotersCount.org: "Not So Fast, Please"

A ConnPost article gives a broad brush feel good assessment of the election. We are not ready to agree that everything went fine. We have no reason to doubt that the results were accurate enough that the voters' intent was realized in the results, however, we will wait for the results of the post-election audit and other analysis. Unfortunately, unless this audit goes much differently than the last three we will still be left with a level of uncertainty.

Spoonamore: 'You Don't Own a Genie' - Voting Machines Threaten National Security

Newly recorded interview made shortly before filing of Stephen Spoonamore's affidavit in Ohio testimony last week.

"I'm a lifelong member of the GOP, I'm a Republican. And the problem is that some members of my party seem to have gotten it into their heads, 'we'll control the voting machines and that means we'll own the genie'." [Click image for video]