DXC hopes to expand Childcare Feeding programs and Martin’s Meal partnership with Benefit

DAYTON – The Dayton Christian Center (DXC) has a long history of being there for people in need. For 88 years, it has provided faith-based assistance to anyone who seeks help.

DXC operates a state-licensed Childcare program for 36 families in the Dayton area. As part of that program, the center offers three nutritionally balanced meals five days per week.

Is the Internet Our New Primary Source of Edutainment?

The YouTube, MySpace, Facebook; all of these sites are significant amongst the millions and millions of internet websites around the world. These are among the more popular and more controversial sites that plague favorite past times. The big question, however, is are these web browsers and the many others out there on the internet the new source of education and entertainment?

Should the Government Control Censorship?

At a time when the American economy appears to be suffering from a financial decline, or a recession, there is a constant need and a certain desperation for production to continue-wherever it is possible. Having said that, in the entertainment industry, shouldn't the business (among other prospects) be allowed to expand beyond their simple conquests and explore new pastures, starting with the decrease of censorship?

When Art and Reality collide ...

Originally posted Sat, 02/02/2008 - 13:27 - standingup

When Art and Reality collide ...
what wreckage will be left in its wake?

Screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky, a World War II veteran, and recipient of the Purple Heart, penned a movie script that has yet to its full impact.

That 1976 Movie: Network

at the time, it seemed more Satire, than Truth.