More Shocking Revelations From Bank of England's Mervyn King

In the aftermath of the provably orchestrated and Shock Doctrine delivered Bankster Bailouts comes the inevitable Disaster Capitalism delivered message of "austerity for you". Well? If you understand Shock Doctrine techniques typically used to get what they want:

Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s

Households face the most dramatic squeeze in living standards since the 1920s, the Governor of the Bank of England warned, as he reacted to the shock disclosure that the economy was shrinking again.

Families will see their disposable income eaten up as they “pay the inevitable price” for the financial crisis, Mervyn King warned.


“The squeeze on living standards is the inevitable price to pay for the financial crisis and subsequent rebalancing of the world and UK economies.”

It is inevitable! There was a shocking disaster and everyone has to pay for it!

Well? The plebes have to pay for it.

Coming from the same guy that the Bush State Department - as evidenced by wikileaks #cablegate - was helping to orchestrate the bailout of the banksters 6 months before Bush finally was ready to deliver the scripted announcement of the "unforeseeable market disaster".

But this austerity moment isn't well planned, in advance, Disaster Capitalism and as a result of this latest phase of that orchestrated Shock Doctrine like delivered disaster either, eh?

Please share this with your politicians IF...

Please share this with your politicians IF they have ever used the words "austerity" or "entitlements":

Poll: Public opposes most spending cuts


A majority of the public opposes most spending cuts, especially cutbacks to education and popular entitlement programs, according to a new poll released Wednesday. The Gallup poll showed that over 60 percent oppose cuts to Medicare, Social Security and education funding.

Especially important if they have ever used those right wing framing words, austerity and entitlemnts, in the same sentence. That should narrow it down to about 98% of the politicians in office today.

Inside the Fiscal Responsibility Summit

Thanks to Campaign for America's Future for making available this video interview between Isaiah Poole and Roger Hickey (who attended the conference as a representative of  CAF. Hickey reviews the meeting and gives his evaluation of the direction of the Adminsitration at this time. According to Hickey's account the President was firm on going ahead with key issues such as Health Care Reform but might be too optimistic about what the economy as a whole will look like in two year--specifically whether it will be possible to cut back on fiscal stimulus at that time without throwing the economy back into recession should it be on the path to recovery.

Obama to Hold Conference on Fiscal Responsibility at WH on Monday

Progressives have been expressing some concern that Pres. Obama will be caught in a conservative frame simply by holding this conference. To counter this apprehensive and define the progressive position on so-called entitlements, Campaign for America's Future hosted a conference call for media, including representatives from various blogs. Unfortunately by an oversight we were not included; however the report below with links is a useful summary of the discussion. I would urge folks to listen to the full audio of the conference.

We have EARNED our Entitlements -- it's time to Raise the Ceiling

ENTITLEMENTS: Social Security and Medicare Programs

they used to call the "3rd Rail of Politic" --

Touch it and your Political career was dead!

I would assert NOW is the perfect time to Reframe those tired old Talking Points, since Congress and all the Media Pundits, all seem to be in such a "charitable" mood lately.