Why Bush Executes Humans -- Capital Punishment

[Reading this staff-written CNN story about the execution of Private Ronald Gray, convicted of rape and murder -- sent via email Bush approves execution of Army private:

Members of the U.S. military have been executed throughout history, but just 10 have been executed with presidential approval since 1951 under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the military's modern-day legal system.


Bush allowed 152 executions as governor of Texas and has signed off on three executions of federal inmates since he became president -- including that of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, who was put to death in 2001.]

This has gotten lots of play in NC. My take on this is that Bush is essentially emasculated and the execution of a soldier completes the circle started as a child when he tortured and exploded animals(see Bush On The Couch). He cannot do anything well that is socially acceptable --so he will do that which is most violent and the ultimate exercise of his power--to murder his own soldiers as an expression of the manhood that he has failed at so miserably.

"Shell Shock"; PTSD, and Executions of Those With!!

The following Video was left as a reply in my Daily KOS posting, yesterday, on Nadia and 'Veterans Village'.

How far have we come as to what Wars do to those we send to fight them?

We don't Execute?, but we Still don't Understand, some Denie, and we Don't Give The Care Needed!

Societies 'Love War', at first, especially Wars of Choice, but Societies only send a small fraction of to engage, than they make them Fight for what it does to them!

WWI Veterans Recall Executions