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About Gannon, Plagiarism, and the AP

Especially in light of Jeff Gannon's ascension to National Press Club Blogger (hattip to CTMan1), Susie Dow's commentary yesterday about the AP and fair use got me thinking about why calling out the lack of attribution (whether because of sloppiness or intended plagiarism) is important to all of us.

Disclosure. I have a bias here. Some time ago I eagerly opened a newly-arrived edition of a magazine I subscribe to because the cover story was on a subject with which I am very familiar. I had never heard of the writer, so I was intrigued.

I hadn't read but a sentence when I went into a sort of trancelike state of shock. I was reading, word for word, my own writing. The cover article was a straight lift -- only with pictures -- of something I had written many years previously for a small company that sells instructional manuals.

Citizen Journalism: Let's Talk about Fair Use

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There's been some recent discussion of fair use as a result of 7 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take downs filed by the Associated Press (AP) against, The Drudge Retort. The action has a number of bloggers freaked and is now making the email rounds.

Before assuming this is a clear cut case of the Man bearing down on the little guy, we should look at Fair Use.