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Ramara will be posting with us directly in future, but this time she asked me to post this for her. Here are two posts which appeared first on Daily Kos (the most recent on Mar. 15, 2005, with a link to the earlier one. With her permission I am posting the first one which is linked in the most recent commentary so that our readers can be fully tuned in.

Health Series:  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Saturday my son will turn 24.  He lives in a group setting here in Tucson, receives SSI, and I don't know if I will hear from him so we can do something to celebrate.  He receives case management through the mental health network, and that treatment is court ordered.  The court order expires next month, and I worry that his treatment providers will not seek to have it renewed for another year.  Last time he was not committed, he spent most of his time living on the streets.  Occasionally he was in jail because he missed court dates or violated the restraining order I have.  When he was in jail I breathed easier because he was off the streets.  He needs the structure of the court commitment and the restraining order in order to function at all.