Art For, By And About Veterans Begins Sunday

Ilona Meagher has just posted on her blog site, PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within, an outstanding collection of links and a few video's on what the subject title describes "Art For, By And About Veterans Begins Sunday" and the link just above will take you to it.

She starts it out with this:


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"Leave No Soldier"

A feature length documentary directed, produced and co-written by Donna Bassin,
an official selection of the 2008 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

"LEAVE NO SOLDIER,” Tells the story of two impassioned journeys by two communities of American War Veterans who have carried a Military Oath from the Battlefield
to the home front. The two groups are divided by their politics, but united in their devotion to dead comrades and their compassionate commitment to "Leave No Fallen Soldier Behind".

Below you will find mostly what is printed in the Documentaries Press Release, which if interested can be Downloaded Here in PDF with photo's and more information.

The Oscars: Nick Benton's Corner

As always, the editorials are reprinted with permission by Benton, owner/editor of the Falls Church News.

Nick wrote this editorial before the Oscar awards. You can see his choices and his reasons why. Let's hear what your predictions were. I am sure you all will be happy to learn that the amazing Nick Benton has been named "2007 Business Person of the Year," by the Falls Church City Council.

The newspaper has won "Business of the Year" twice, in 1991, its first year, and 2001, in honor of its 10th anniversary. It's also won in the "Business Contribution to the Community" category (1997). But this is a first in terms of recognizing Benton's contribution. Over the 17 years of its existence the FCNP has brought a great deal to this Virginia Community. Benton himself has supported many iniatives to benefit his home town, especially his founding of the "Diversity Affirmation Education Fund" in the city schools, which funded programs so successful the past two years that the school system has now incorporated the funding of them into its own budget.